Friday, April 13, 2012

A horrendous sound in the night

Imagine you're in a nice, deep slumber and you were rudely awakened by this sound:


What would you surmise it was?  Would it freak you out like it did us?

Here's a hint:  It came from my yard, which is wooded.  I live near Louisville, Kentucky, which is in the Midwest U.S.

Tune in tomorrow and I'll reveal the source, which took me some time (and help) to figure out.



  1. Sounds like a wild cat of some sort. We had a mountain lion in our wooded area some time ago... it was quite disturbing! Our first thought was that it sounded like a woman screeming bloody murder... terrifying!

  2. That would have freaked me out but I think it's a fox? There's loads of them in the UK and they make a horrible noise! Bless ya, must have frightened ya silly! xxx

  3. I have NO idea! I'm going to guess some kind of crane. hahahah



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