Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dress & Dwell in New Albany

Those of you "not from around here" wouldn't know that one of the two major bridges linking Southern Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky, was closed for several months.  It was a real pain-in-the-watoozie, but one good thing came out of it for me.  I came across a new store that I might not have found otherwise.

And just in time for Derby, I want to tell you about it!  (That's the Kentucky Derby horse race, y'all!  And, no, I don't actually have a southern accent.  I'm a Yankee.)


It's Dress & Dwell, a new boutique in a historic building in New Albany, Indiana.  Super-cute and super-nice proprietor Amanda Gibson mixes her backgrounds in fashion merchandising and interior design to create something more chic than anything New Albany has ever seen!  Thank goodness we Southern Indiana gals finally have options for cute clothes and  accessories, gifts, home decor and furnishings.  The fashions are young and modern, and everything else has a vintage industrial touch.

First, let's check out the fashion and accessories:

Designer jeans and printed tops

Flirty dresses
Lots of color

Kate Middleton pants, anyone?

Young and fun

Just a sampling of the adorable earring collection

How cute are the dressing rooms?  Aqua ghost chairs, colorful doors, ornate mirrors, and bubble chandeliers above.  Inside, a sentiment any woman can appreciate:

Now for the home decor and gifts:

Had to hold myself back from buying all of the notebooks with various sweet sayings on the covers

Owls perched atop an industrial shelving unit

Pillows and cozy seating

I like the way Amanda styled this vignette

I took all the photos with my Android phone, as I didn't have my real camera with me.  Unfortunately a few that I wanted to share were blurry from user error, but I hope if you live in the Kentuckiana area, these peeks will entice you to stop over to see more.  And please spread the word that we have a new local shop in town that deserves some business!

Whether you'll be dressing up yourself or your home for Derby season, or you just want to freshen up for spring, you've got to check out Dress & Dwell.  They're even hosting a Southern Girl's Derby Checklist Party this Thursday from 6:30-9:30pm, complete with iced tea mint juleps and bourbon balls, to help you get ready!

When I stopped by the store today, all the Derby hats were gone for a trunk show (because the store is not usually open on Mondays), but the fabulous Britni Lynn of Headcandi by Britni Lynn will have all her fabulous custom hats back tomorrow, and will be doing consultations on Thursday to help you find the best hat for your Derby look.

Check out the Dress & Dwell web site or Facebook page for more info about the store!


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  1. So glad you posted this! We think this store might be our new love! Cannot wait to check it out online tomorrow! Thanks for sharing - it's bookmarked!

    mk & Gwynnie

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