Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sneak peek of the R's

I alluded here to a new project I have going on.  It's not finished just yet ... as I have a few holes I'm filling in.  But here's a sneak peek:


Thursday, April 26, 2012

New rug on the way for the living room

You know those rooms that you tinker with and tinker with, trying to get the decor just right, but it just doesn't seem to be going where you want it to?  For me, it's the living room.

I've bought new side chairs, new pillows (here, here, and others I didn't even share with you), and new art.  I switched out the glass-front cabinet for a mid-century modern chest and we re-hung our TV to create more breathing room between the TV and the mantel (combined post here).  And I've switched around accessories over and over again.  But the room doesn't feel complete.

One of my issues is that the sofa is so visually heavy in the room -- out of balance.  I would have preferred a linen upholstery sofa, but because of our pukey cats, we went with leather.  At the time, an interior designer I consulted recommended black, and I didn't realize there were options other than black and brown.  If I had it to do over again and wanted to stick with leather, I might have chosen something more like this.  As it is, we put quite an investment into this sofa, so I'm stuck with it for a while.

I've been crushing on the IKEA Stockholm Rand Rug for some time, but it's been out of stock forever.  They had estimated it would be back in stock in April, but now they're telling me late June at the earliest.  I was frustrated with the wait, but I was willing to hold off because it seemed like the perfect style, size and price.  But then I wondered about the cleanability.  What reminded me of this?  Oh, the two puke spots one of my dear kitties left on our current rug yesterday.  Good times.

Our current rug is indoor-outdoor, so it's easy to clean.  Of course it helps that it's a dark beige -- pretty much the same color as the cat puke.  (Am I grossing you out yet?)  Then I started wondering not only would the IKEA rug be easy to clean, but if not, would it camouflage stains well?  I got worried that the white portions might show dirt or stains easily.  So I started looking again at rugs that have more of a pattern.

And although I've found so many awesome rugs in lots of fun colors, I want to stick with black and white.  Why, you ask?  Well, I think it will help ground the black sectional in the living room, and tie it in with the all-white kitchen, which is open to the living room.

The other tricky thing is finding the right style and cleanability at the right size/price combo.  I need something at least 8' x 11', and that can get pricey!  Here's what I settled on:

It's the Dash & Albert Indoor/Outdoor Diamond Rug in Black/Ivory.   It comes in several colors (including turquoise, which was tempting!), and can be purchased at quite a few online retailers.  Every retailer seemed to charge the exact same price, so I went to my handy-dandy friend RetailMeNot and found a 10% off coupon code for Layla Grace, where they also have free shipping.  Sweet!

Of course, I had to run this purchase by The Mr.  But since I've been working -- longer than expected -- I figured this was a good opportunity to buy a "want" rather than a "need."  He's never excited to spend money on something when what we have seems perfectly fine, so I got his standard quiet response which means, "I think this is totally unnecessary but I know you won't shut up about it until you do it, so since you're earning money these days, I'll give in."  I like that answer!

I'll be sure to show you how the new rug looks in the space once it arrives in the next week or two!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dress & Dwell in New Albany

Those of you "not from around here" wouldn't know that one of the two major bridges linking Southern Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky, was closed for several months.  It was a real pain-in-the-watoozie, but one good thing came out of it for me.  I came across a new store that I might not have found otherwise.

And just in time for Derby, I want to tell you about it!  (That's the Kentucky Derby horse race, y'all!  And, no, I don't actually have a southern accent.  I'm a Yankee.)


It's Dress & Dwell, a new boutique in a historic building in New Albany, Indiana.  Super-cute and super-nice proprietor Amanda Gibson mixes her backgrounds in fashion merchandising and interior design to create something more chic than anything New Albany has ever seen!  Thank goodness we Southern Indiana gals finally have options for cute clothes and  accessories, gifts, home decor and furnishings.  The fashions are young and modern, and everything else has a vintage industrial touch.

First, let's check out the fashion and accessories:

Designer jeans and printed tops

Flirty dresses
Lots of color

Kate Middleton pants, anyone?

Young and fun

Just a sampling of the adorable earring collection

How cute are the dressing rooms?  Aqua ghost chairs, colorful doors, ornate mirrors, and bubble chandeliers above.  Inside, a sentiment any woman can appreciate:

Now for the home decor and gifts:

Had to hold myself back from buying all of the notebooks with various sweet sayings on the covers

Owls perched atop an industrial shelving unit

Pillows and cozy seating

I like the way Amanda styled this vignette

I took all the photos with my Android phone, as I didn't have my real camera with me.  Unfortunately a few that I wanted to share were blurry from user error, but I hope if you live in the Kentuckiana area, these peeks will entice you to stop over to see more.  And please spread the word that we have a new local shop in town that deserves some business!

Whether you'll be dressing up yourself or your home for Derby season, or you just want to freshen up for spring, you've got to check out Dress & Dwell.  They're even hosting a Southern Girl's Derby Checklist Party this Thursday from 6:30-9:30pm, complete with iced tea mint juleps and bourbon balls, to help you get ready!

When I stopped by the store today, all the Derby hats were gone for a trunk show (because the store is not usually open on Mondays), but the fabulous Britni Lynn of Headcandi by Britni Lynn will have all her fabulous custom hats back tomorrow, and will be doing consultations on Thursday to help you find the best hat for your Derby look.

Check out the Dress & Dwell web site or Facebook page for more info about the store!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

The horrendous sound, revealed

In my last post, I let you hear the horrendous sound that came from our yard this week.  The first time we heard it, it awoke us from a deep sleep.  The second time we were just getting ready to turn the lights out but decided there was no point trying to sleep until things had quieted down.

At first, it seemed like a woman screaming in pain.  Then we realized it was an animal, and thought maybe it was getting eaten by a larger animal.  But the noise kept going and going.  Then we thought maybe the animal had gotten hurt and was in pain.  I grabbed a flashlight and went out on the deck in my PJs to check things out.  I heard animals scatter in the woods.  The noise went further away for a moment, but then it came back.

We have a lot of deer that run through our yard, so I figured it was the deer.  We also have foxes, too, and other woodland creatures like raccoons, possums, chipmunks, squirrels and more.  I could tell it was an animal of substantial size because of the scattering sounds I heard when I shined the light out into the woods, plus the sound itself was quite loud.  Eventually I went back inside, and it stopped not too much later.

When we heard the sound again a couple nights later just before we were planning to go to sleep, I decided to record it on my phone so I could share it with you, with friends and family on Facebook, and with people at work, so that hopefully somebody could tell us what it is.  (That was the recording I shared last time.)  The other nice thing about hearing it a second time (other than the annoyance of not being able to go to sleep until it stopped) is that I was certain the animal was not in pain, because surely it would not have happened two times within three days.

I also did an online search for deer sounds, but none of them fit the bill.  I did get a hint from a family member that it could be a fox, so I did a search for fox sounds and found a match!

They either make the noise when they're trying to locate other foxes, especially in mating season, which is late winter and early spring.  Or it has something to do with territories and submission.  I was getting a little confused in my fox sounds research, but I think it's the former.

So glad the mystery is solved, and I'm hoping my little fox friend respects our sleep patterns and keeps his nighttime noises to himself!


Friday, April 13, 2012

A horrendous sound in the night

Imagine you're in a nice, deep slumber and you were rudely awakened by this sound:


What would you surmise it was?  Would it freak you out like it did us?

Here's a hint:  It came from my yard, which is wooded.  I live near Louisville, Kentucky, which is in the Midwest U.S.

Tune in tomorrow and I'll reveal the source, which took me some time (and help) to figure out.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Vintage gas station numbers as wall art

Today was one of those Saturdays that make me happy.  I didn't have to leave the house, and I ate delicious food.  For breakfast, we made some cinnamon puffs, and for dinner we had homemade tinga (pork tostadas).  For dessert, The Teen made funnel cakes.  Yep, funnel cakes.  Tasty!  Someday I'll share the first two recipes.  For the funnel cakes, you just have to go buy the mix at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Yep, BBB.  Who knew?

The other thing I did today was take photos of a fun project I did a while back that I hadn't yet shared here.  The Mr. is fond of numbers and fond of vintage or antique things that have a history.  I put those two likes together for some wall art that suits his fancy.

In a past life, these vintage numbers hung outside a gas station to indicate the price of gas.  Fun!


As you can see, they're hanging in our front entry, which separates the  living room from the kitchen.  I probably bought the numbers a year ago (from Etsy), but it took me forever to decide where to put them.  As I've shared before, when I don't know exactly what to do with something, I hold off until I do.  I don't like putting holes in the wall until I'm sure.

The numbers are significant to us, but I'll leave the details a mystery.  (No, it's not The Mr.'s age on top and my age on bottom.  Or vice versa.)

Anybody else out there have some vintage gas station numbers in her or his house?  I'm curious!


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Monday, April 2, 2012

RRR ...

I've got a new project in the works.  I'm not going to tell you all about it just yet ... but it has something to do with these!

Let's just say I've been spending a lot of time on Etsy and Ebay!  Did you know you can get vintage items on Etsy in addition to handmade items?  Yes ... I love it!


P.S. If you're interested in something similar, the letters came from these three Etsy shops:  Raleigh Modern, Old Green Canoe and Circa 810.
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