Thursday, March 1, 2012

Linens baskets featured at Apartment Therapy

I was checking out my blog stats tonight, curious where my latest traffic is coming from, and discovered that Apartment Therapy has been sending people my way.  Wha ... what?

It's all because of this simple little photo and post:

Hop on over to Apartment Therapy to see more space-saving ideas!

Did you find me from my basket photos?  If so, I'm so glad you're here!



  1. woohooo hollie! :) great to be noticed, isn't it? You work hard, you deserve the feature. :)
    love your baskets!

    have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Hollie! Yes i found you via Apartment Therapy. Love this idea. Perfect for my tiny bathroom. Love the name of your blog :)

  3. What a brilliant idea to use baskets as towel holders! Its like having a spa at home.

    creekwood apartments killeen tx

  4. Oooh well done on the shout out from AT and very well deserved! It's a great idea and looks fabulous as well :) xxx


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