Monday, March 12, 2012

Crushing on: Element Clay Studio

How excited am I that exists?  I know I brag about it here all the time, but I can't get over the quirky, unique finds I see on there.  Some of the other flash sale sites can get repetitive, which is a good thing if you miss something one day and want it to come up again.  But when it comes to fresh products you likely haven't seen somewhere else, Fab is your place.

I caught Fab's Monday night sale and am so glad I happened to be at my computer when it launched, or I might have missed out on this gorgeous geode serving bowl with a cerulean glaze by Element Clay Studio.

Oh yeah, it's mine.  Back off.  I also really wanted this tray for my coffee table, but I passed it up this time for the bowl.

Artist Heather Knight creates each of these pieces by hand in her Asheville, NC, shop called Element Clay Studio.  I'm a sucker for anything ocean-like, and although these are made of porcelain, they look so organic, like a blend of rock and coral.

I looked her up on Etsy, and am completely blown away by her awesomeness.  Every product has me written all over it.  I mean, look how well they go with my blog colors?  I'm sure I will be visiting her again ... maybe for my next birthday or holiday gift list!

How about all these tiles?

She makes them as wall art, but wouldn't it be super-cool to have actual 3-D wall tiles like this in your bathroom?  What a textural haven it would be!!

Try to catch Element Clay Studio on for a great deal if you can, or try Heather at her Etsy, shop.


P.S.  Nope, I'm not affilicated with Heather's shop in any way.  I just came across it tonight and am amazed!


  1. Those tiles are unbelieveable! What a find! And that little bowl is just gorgeous xxx

  2. Hollie---congrats on winning my slipcover DVD. Email me your shipping address at and I'll ship it off. Sorry I couldn't find your default isn't set up to click your email button.


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