Sunday, February 12, 2012

This was our Sunday evening

The Mr. and I were in the kitchen chatting and making dinner when we heard a strange dripping noise over in the living room.  The upstairs bathroom is above the living room, so I sent The Mr. upstairs to check it out.  He found the upstairs toilet overflowing and water all over the floor.

Not long after he and The Teen finished sopping up the water on the floor, water started streaming through one of the pot lights in our living room ceiling.  Luckily it just missed one of my club chairs, but it did soak the corner of our living room rug before we were able to grab a bowl to catch the water.

Turns out The Teen had flushed the toilet in his bathroom it 10-15 minutes earlier, but it clogged and the plunger in the tank didn't release, so the water kept flowing.  What a way to close out a weekend.  Wah-wah.

We had a friend recommend a local restoration company, so I called and arranged for them to come over right away.  In the meantime, water started seeping through the drywall on the living room ceiling.  The restoration team got here within the hour to check out the damage, take some moisture readings, and set up some fans.

A fan drying the carpet pad just outside "ground zero"

From this side, the fan reminds me of The Noo-Noo from Teletubbies

This loveliness is smack in the middle of our living room ceiling

Pepper the cat is checking out the two fans in our living room --
one pointing up to the ceiling, and one pointing down to dry the corner of the rug that got wet

The restoration team will be back Monday afternoon to take followup moisture readings and reassess next steps.  At a minimum, the ceiling will have to be repainted once it dries completely.

We're thankful it wasn't any worse, and especially that The Mr. and I were here when it happened.  Since The Teen pretty much only comes downstairs to eat, if he were home alone, the toilet could have overflowed for hours before he would have noticed!

I gave my mom the news this evening, and she reminded me that my freshman year of college, she was out of town when our pipes froze and burst.  I never saw any of the damage because I was away at school, but it was my room that got flooded.  Luckily most of my stuff was with me, rather than back in my room.

Have you ever had to deal with water damage?



  1. Oh man! So sorry to hear that! :( Poor Hollie!!

  2. Oh dear, that's not good! Hope you get it all sorted soon my dear! xx

  3. We have had a lot of water damage in our house (cabin turned to year round home). The water damage turned to mold, of course, so over the past 3 years we have been systematically gutting room after room. It sure is a lot of mess, but is nice to have the house how we want it!


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