Saturday, February 25, 2012

So many ideas for such a boring wall

I don't even want to count the number of times I've promised an upcoming photo tour of our master bedroom.  It's been going on for at least six months now.  Each time I think I'm just about ready, I realize there's another part of the room that needs sprucing up before the big reveal.

Here's the awkward wall in our master bedroom that really needed something.  Anything. This is the wall that was keeping me from sharing a full tour of this room.

I know even in magazines, a room tour doesn't mean you have to show every last inch.  Mostly we just see the best angles.  But my painted dresser is one of my favorite projects to date, and that wall behind it is just too sad to feature.  You know you agree.

Many ideas for the wall have come and go.  I considered stenciling.  After all, any blogger worth her weight in gold has done a superb stenciling project, right?  Ha ha.  I considered wallpaper too, but I just couldn't commit to either.

I thought I had finally found a solution when I came across the gallery wall I had seen but forgotten on Emily A. Clark's blog.

via Emily A. Clark
We are TV junkies at our house, and I find no reason to hide our TV.  But I like Emily's idea of camouflaging it so it's not just a big black hole.  A gallery wall around our TV is just what our master bedroom needed!

During one of my many daily visits to, I discovered Heather Mattoon's "Cats in Clothes" art and fell in love.  I didn't order it that day (when it was discounted), but found her on Etsy and ordered this set of 12 postcards.  They would be my first art for my gallery wall.

via HeatherMattoonArt on Etsy

I purchased another piece of art at during another visit -- my second piece for my new gallery wall.  But ... in true Hollie fashion -- just ask The Mr.-- by the time the second piece of art was shipped, I already had another idea that left the gallery wall in the dust.

Ceiling medallions as wall art!

Remember a couple weeks back when I shared my crush on ceiling medallions?  I decided to turn that crush into a relationship.  As you saw in that post, I researched every photo I could find with ceiling medallions used on the wall.  Strangely, I had forgotten about this one I had pinned a few months ago (and just rediscovered on my "Art-DIY" Pinterest board this afternoon:

via Country Living


Anyway, after researching all the ceiling medallion wall art installations I could find, I started researching the medallions themselves.  Holy cow ... there are so many to choose from, at all price points.  They range from just a few inches in diameter to about three feet in diameter.

I probably spent at least a month figuring out what all the options were in the price range and size range I wanted, and then researching where I could find the best price.  Then I created a design using PowerPoint so I could figure out what combination of medallions I wanted to use.

Next time I'll tell you more about how I decided on my design and how I created templates on my wall to make sure I was happy with the design before making any purchases.  After all, I'm not sure anyone wants to read any longer of a post today!



  1. Hahaha! You do make me laugh with getting all into the idea of a gallery wall and then bam! She's on to something different!! lol

    Hiding the telly with a gallery wall is exactly what I've done in my dining room ;)

    I did immediately think STENCILS but that could be just cuz I recently came across this:

    Love the ceiling medallion idea, though, I'm sure whatever you do will look amazing.


  2. Your wall looks great! I just had to comment though when I saw the Cats in Clothes prints. I too have that set of postcards (one is framed in our hallway) and I just love the way she captured them so perfectly. It's nice to find a fellow cat enthusiast with a good sense of humor :)


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