Thursday, February 16, 2012

One fish, two fish, red stools, blue stools

Remember the red stools that I was drooling over from another blog and decided to buy for my own kitchen?  Well, they've been given two thumbs-down by the guys in my house.

Last time I checked, I'm the decorator in the house.  However, since the stools are something we'll each be using every day, their opinions do count ... a little.  The Mr. doesn't like the tomato-red color of the chairs, and was expecting something more of a cherry red.  The Teen prefers the wide seat of our current saddle stools, rather than the square seat of the red stools.  He also doesn't like that there's a "hole" at the top. I told him it's just venting.  :)

If I were in love with the red stools, I would overrule their complaints, which I find to be silly.  I do like the stools a lot, but I'm not in love with them.  So ... they're ready to be boxed back up to ship back to Overstock.  Wah-wah.

The stools are powder-coated, and I did think about getting them painted a different color that The Mr. would like better.  After all, they were a good price to start with, so spending a little more to get something we really liked wouldn't be too bad.  But look what I came across on page 10 of the February issue of Better Homes and Gardens last week?

Turquoise stools!  That's even better than red!  I had been looking and looking for turquoise stools, but the only kind I'd found was the original Tolix stools, which cost more than I wanted to pay.  It's hard to tell from the photo whether the stools are new or vintage.  After a lot of searching online, I finally discovered that they're manufactured by Lyon, and they're actually utility stools marketed for manufacturing or industrial applications, rather than homes.

They come in several variations, including color, height, seat back or not, and type of feet.  You can find them sold by several retailers, including Amazon, and Wayfair.  The price of the chairs is about double the ones I bought from Overstock, but it's still not bad.  However, the shipping costs seem to be almost as much as the chairs!

I also found these lovely specimens at Schoolhouse Electric.  They look almost exactly like the Lyon version, but the taller version has an extra brace.  Unfortunately they only come in 18" and 30", and I need 24".

I'm confused why the Lyon stools and the Schoolhouse Electric stools didn't come up when I was searching a couple weeks ago.  Maybe I was focused too much on turquoise, aqua or teal, rather than just searching for blue?

I wish I could see the Lyon stools in person.  I'm not sure I want to take the chance ordering online again.  Ugh!  The Teen is just happy to have his ol' saddle stool back for now.



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