Sunday, February 12, 2012

Crushing on: Ceiling medallions as wall art

Do you remember seeing this photo in Better Homes & Gardens magazine several years ago?  I had clipped it and glued it in to my inspiration binder.  That was how things worked before the days of Pinterest, right?

I ran across it again on Joi's blog Nuestra Vida Dulce.  I met Joi last summer at our Mint Julep June Jaunt blogger meetup.  Joi was inspired by that same BHG image, and made it happen in her own living room.  Lovely, no?

Here are some other examples of ceiling medallions used as wall art.  Some are left in the primed state, like Joi's, and some have been painted.

Click on the photos for links to the sources.

I happen to have big blank wall in our master bedroom that is making the whole room feel awkward to me.  And I have visions of ceiling medallions dancing in my head!

Have you seen them used this way?  Would you take a chance on it in your own home?



  1. I love this look! I spotted it first at Nuestra Vida Dulce (I think via Apartment Therapy) and thought it was so creative. Go for it!!


  2. I love medallions and the look. However, I'm hunting a nice one to put on the ceiling. lol. Thanks for sharing. And, yes, I'm almost a month behind in my blog reading. lol. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  3. Where would you buy these? I love it!

  4. Hi, Tamra. Here's the post where I revealed my ceiling medallion installation on my bedroom wall. There are a couple links to the online vendors from whom I purchased my medallions.


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