Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 Ways to Avoid Being a Linky Party Crasher

If you've been a blogger for a while, most likely you have participated in a linky party.  And some of  you even host your own! Before I went back to work, I participated in linky parties whenever I had projects I was excited to share.  And even if I don't participate by linking my own content, linky parties are a great way to be inspired and to find other great blogs.

However ... there are a few bloggers out there who take advantage of linky parties for their own promotion. Don't get me wrong -- I know we all link up to promote ourselves.  But there are ways of doing it right, which will eventually net you more readers, and ways of doing it wrong, which turn potential or current readers away.

Are you following these basics of linky party etiquette?

1.  Only link up original content

Yes, that professionally designed and photographed room is gorgeous, and I totally see why you were inspired by it, but don't post someone else's design on a linky party.  Linky parties are for sharing your own projects.  (Unless otherwise specified for a certain linky party by its host.)

2.  Pick a few parties, not every party

I get that you want to promote your blog, but when I see that someone has linked the same project up to tens of parties, I think, "Wow, that blogger really gets around."  And that's not a compliment -- it's a turnoff. Pick a few parties and be satisfied with that.

3.  Mix up where you party

If you want to promote your project, blog, or general awesomeness to lots of people, rather than linking up to several parties at the same time, switch things up a bit.  Post one project to certain parties and other projects to other parties.  Spread the love!  You still share your mad skills with lots of different people, but not all at the same time.  It keeps parties fresher, and you don't look like a linky party hussy.

4.  For pete's sake, follow the host's rules

Each host has the honor of choosing her rules.  If it's a furniture-only party, please don't post recipes.  If the rules state that you must link back to the party, do it!  It's rude to use the host for your own benefit and not give her any of the rewards.  The more link-backs, the better the host's Alexa ratings, etc.  You don't think she's doing it just for you, do you?  Oh, and if the host asks that you not link up items for sale, don't.  It's okay to post a tutorial of an item you made.  But don't link to that item's Etsy link or to your own shop.

5. Make sure your photo linked 

Sometimes linky tools get a bit overwhelmed and the photo of your project doesn't show up in the linky list.  If you're too busy running off to link somewhere else, you might not realize it.  As exciting as your description might be, you're not going to get much traffic with no photo.  Be sure to check!

This post is titled "5 Ways to Avoid Being a Linky Party Crasher," but I'm going to give you one bonus for good measure!

6.  Check out the projects/blogs of others who partied

Don't just link and run!  Be sure to stop by and check out some other blogs.  Leave a comment to let the blogger know you were there.  It's a great way to make connections with other bloggers.  After all, don't you light up when someone visits your blog and leaves you a nice message?  This is your opportunity to pay it forward.  And if you're not the altruistic kind, each comment you leave is an opportunity for that blogger or her readers to find you too!


I'm sooo curious to hear what you think.  Are you in total agreement?  Or do you think I've got it all wrong? What did I not mention that irks you?  Lay it all out, yo.



  1. Thanks for your kind words about my photography series. Can't wait to see how the bedroom turns out -- the medallions are going to be so, so fabulous. Hope that ankle heals soon!

  2. Thank you for posting this! I'm pretty new to the blog scene and I was scratching my head at all of these "link parties" and "I'm linking up here..." and all that I've reading on blogs. I was all "wha?!" I have a better understanding now and will start looking for link parties to join. Thanks again Hollie :)


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