Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Organizing solutions featured at Babble and Rubbermaid

Thought I'd share my excitement about a couple of my organization ideas that have been featured recently on other blogs.

First was a photo of the baskets I use for bath linen storage, featured as one of "25 MORE Totally Clever Storage Tips & Tricks" on Babble in November.  I stumbled upon the post some time in December when I noticed I was getting traffic from Babble.  Nice surprise!  The baskets are also a big hit on Pinterest, which drives more traffic to my blog weekly than anything else.  A big welcome to all of you who found me there!

Then just last week I was contacted by Beth Zeigler, a professional organizer and contributor to the Rubbermaid blog.  She was writing a post about organizing jewelry and asked my permission to use this photo from a post I did a few months back about necklace organization.

Of course I said yes!  You can check out the post here.  You can also check out Beth's personal blog at

It's so cool when a simple solution to a problem in my own house ends up resonating with so many other people.  But it makes sense -- we all can use more storage options!  What are your favorite storage solutions in your own home?



  1. Woo Hoo! Congratulations! I thought I saw your baskets on pinterest this week. Deb

  2. yippeee! so happy for you Hollie! That necklace organization = simply perfect!

  3. I love the baskets in your bathroom! What a great idea! I bought baskets to do that in our bathroom, but I'm not quite sure how to hang them. How did you secure your baskets to the wall? thanks!

  4. I just nailed the baskets to the wall. The most difficult part was fitting the hammer inside the baskets at the proper angle!


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