Friday, December 23, 2011

Trying to upholster a tufted headboard

Well, hello again!  Did you think I had abandoned all of you and my poor little blog?  As if going back to work full-time wasn't enough, I've also been contending with the demands of the holiday season.  Thankfully, I'm off for the next 10 days!  Of course, there will be some merry-making going on, but most of next week I should have some time to catch up on blogging and blog reading.

One DIY project I've been procrastinating about since August is an upholstered tufted headboard for my mom.  We're exchanging gifts on Xmas Eve, and I am trying desperately to get it done in time to give it to her.  I've been pulling together the supplies little by little for months now, and finally as of this afternoon I had everything I needed to get it finished.  Or so I thought.  My cheap-o staple gun is giving both me and The Mr. all kinds of attitude, so we gave up on it part-way through tonight.

I'd really like to have the highly recommended Porter-Cable US58 pneumatic upholstery stapler.  Unfortunately it's not sold in stores in my area, and even if I ordered it online tonight, the earliest it would arrive is Saturday afternoon, and we're hosting my mom as well as my brother and his wife at 5pm on Saturday, which leaves no time to get the headboard done.  Poo.  I think I'll pop over to Home Depot tomorrow to buy the $20 Power Shot manual staple gun that Jenny recommends, just to get me through this project.

Here's as far as we got tonight:

Once it's all done and I've had time to recover from Christmas hosting (Saturday for the small group plus Monday for a group of around 35), I'll be sure to post a tutorial with lots of photos of the finished product.  Of course, that means I have to finish it first.  Wish me luck.



  1. Good luck! Those staplers regularly give me fits too! Deb

  2. Wow! That will be some gift! Your mom will love it...even if you have to give her an IOU. Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my Cardinals tree post. I just hope my husband will let me take it down after Christmas!

  3. I love the look. It's great to transform old furniture into something really awesome. I can't wait to see the finish product. I bet it will look great.

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