Friday, December 30, 2011

House tour: Upstairs game room

Almost three months ago I admitted to being afflicted with analysis paralysis, which had been affecting my decision about where to hang art in my upstairs game room.  I mentioned in the post that the art was finally hung and that you should "stick around to see where it all ended up."  Well, folks, the time has finally come.  And it's not as if I've changed anything up there since that day.  I just plain forgot that I never posted the room tour.  Oops.  And apparently I took the photos at night, because I was working during the day.  Just imagine daylight outside the windows.

Wide room shot, as you're coming up the stairs
The windows at the far end of the room look out to the front of the house.  They are probably my favorite architectural part about the whole house.  If I were a good blogger, I would have a lovely photo looking out that window in the spring or summer when the trees are full of leaves, but unfortunately that photo doesn't exist at this time.  (Note to self:  take that photo in the spring when the leaves come back on the trees.)

Left side of the room, with a view of the basketball game in the nook.  Artwork by Parvez Taj.
Noodles the cat, in her "roadkill pose."  Artwork from TJ Maxx, I believe.

View of the left side of the room, looking toward the back of the house.
Drip artwork on the right is by me.

Hall leading to the back of the house, where The Teen's bedroom is.
Artwork (which I love) is from HomeGoods.

We built the room to house our billiards table, which is currently hiding under the ping pong tabletop.  If we had small kids, this would be a perfect playroom space.  If we had several kids, this would be a perfect hang-out room for a sofa and TV.  As it is, we have one teenager and three bedrooms upstairs (our room is on the first floor), so we are able to use the space for a billiards/ping pong table instead!

I hope you enjoyed this brief game room tour.  I'm not one to take a million photos of the same space, as you can tell.  Have you noticed that about a lot of blogs?  Some people find the need to show you every possible angle of the same area or piece of furniture, which I find to be a bit much.



  1. You know, I think I like your drip art work the best of all. Just saying you could have saved a bunch with your own talents. Everything looks great, though. Your whole house looks great to me!

  2. I'm terrible with the oversharing and here I am thinking 'oooh I want a closeup of that art'!!! lol

    The room is looking great and I love the way the art makes your eye move around the room. Really fantastic choices :)

    Also? I may come and steal Noodles. I'm loving the roadkill pose lol

    Happy New Year hunny and thank you for the continued inspiration! xxx


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