Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas wrap-up

I was too busy working, shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking and trying to get some sleep to share anything Christmas-related before the holiday passed, so I thought I better do a wrap-up before I get back to the grind!

I snapped a few quick pics of some of our holiday decor.  Better late than never.  This year I decided to do a turquoise, white and red tree.

Mercury glass is so pretty, especially for holiday decorating.


I decided to string our holiday cards up along the stairway banister.

This year I wrapped everything in kraft paper and had fun using ribbons of all different shapes and colors.

Our four kitties didn't enjoy our 29 guests the day after Christmas, but we did!

Gypsy wrapped in yarn from a gift

Santa visited and handed out gifts to all the kids

I'll spare you the photos, but The Mr. and I learned that we enjoy burning calories playing Just Dance on the Wii.  The Mr. thought he was hot stuff, but I killed it every time and earned two high scores!  The Teen refused to participate, of course.

These horrible yard decorations went up three weeks before Thanksgiving at two houses next door to each other.  I had to pass them every day on my way to work, which was unfortunate.  I admire the spirit, but littering one's yard with small junk is not a good choice.

If you're going to go all-out in decorating your yard, this is the way to do it.  How very Griswold!

Guess who won the ugly sweater contest at his office holiday party?  It's a vest, rather than a sweater, but it did the trick!  It's even reversible.

The holidays are a crazy, stressful  time, but I guess all the craziness and all the stress is worth it in the end.  Let's just be glad it only lasts for about a month out of the year.

 Here's hoping you and yours had an enjoyable holiday season.  Best wishes for the new year!



  1. You decor was all very restrained and classy and lovely - unlike your neighbours! Oh dear god, it's just an eyesore isn't it? Of course, your hubby's vest is maybe in the same league! Hahaha!

    Glad you hear you had an enjoyable Christmas dear! xxx

  2. What color are your walls in the room that you had your tree? I'm new to your site and just love it!

  3. @Anonymous Glad you like it! The color is Ashley Gray by Benjamin Moore (HC-87). I find it to be a nice greige. It's enough of a color that the rooms aren't too dull, but it's extremely neutral. I think it mixes well with both cool and warm tones.


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