Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday randomness

Bear with me.  There's a lot of randomness coming at you.  But hopefully it's entertaining.

Apparently there is such a thing as too many pillows
How did I miss this on the local news when it happened?  A man was assaulted for having too many pillows.  You read that right.  Assaulted for having too many pillows.  It happened right here in Louisville.  I came across a link to the story when reading the Elements of Style blog.  The new station's link to the details is no longer live, but the gist is that the guy was sleeping when apparently his boyfriend came in and started wailing on him for having too many pillows.  Clearly there is a backstory to this that we don't know.  But it is a warning to us all.


A couple blog milestones
I couldn't let another week go by without celebrating a couple blog milestones.  First, I passed the 150 Google Followers mark, and shortly thereafter I passed the 300 subscribers mark.  Fun!  Thanks to all of you who read about my musings or creations on a regular basis, as well as any of you who are stopping by for the first time!

Zombies or no zombies?
I still can't decide whether I actually enjoy watching The Walking Dead on AMC.  Gore from crime scenes, autopsy rooms or hospitals doesn't usually bother me on TV because it's just science/nature.  But gore just for the sake of gore is a bit much for me.  I'm not really into watching "people" eat other people.  Some people say they watch it for the storyline, but I can't even decide if the storyline is compelling enough for me.  If it wasn't one of the few shows The Mr., The Teen and I watch together, it would be off my list.  Regardless, I do like this graphic from Candace Creations!

A new item to repurpose
I'm a fan of industrial furniture as well as repurposed items.  Do you have any idea what this side table is made from?  Look closely.

It's a washing machine drum!  I never would have known.  Mike at Blue Velvet Chair rounded up several other examples that you have to check out because they're ingenius.  I believe they're all from Europe, which makes sense, because front loaders haven't been around long enough here in the U.S.

Recipes coming soon?
We're known for great recipes around this house, but I've never shared any here.  The last time I had guests over for a meal, they suggested I post all the recipes from the evening.  Unfortunately I was too busy hosting to take photos, and what good is a recipe online without a photo?  If I can remember to take photos while the food is looking pretty, I would like to share some of our favorites with you in the future.


Were those tidbits random enough for you?  Now I need some feedback:

  • How many pillows do you think is too much?  On our king, we use four on a daily basis (two to sleep on plus two shams for propping up), plus four more (three Euro shams and one more regular sham) when we make the bed.
  • Has your significant other ever threatened you about an excess of pillows?
  • How many blogs do you subscribe to?  I probably have about 50 blogs I intend to keep up with, but my poor Google Reader is overloaded because I'm weeks behind in reading most of them!
  • Do you watch The Walking Dead?  Does the zombie gore bother you?  Are you into the storyline?
  • What do you think about those repurposed washing machine drums?  When my front loader goes kaput, I'm all over that drum!
  • Would you be interested in recipes here on I'm Busy Procrastinating?  Or are there enough other blogs for that?

Happy Sunday!  I'm off to shop with The Teen and my MIL for The Teen's first suit/tux.  Marching band season is over, but concert band season is approaching, and the kids have to wear tuxes for the concerts.  They can get away with a black suit plus a tuxedo shirt and bow tie, rather than a full-on tux.  Not that he has anywhere else that he wears a suit, but one never knows.



  1. I've got WAY too many cushions as well! Ya know, I was threatened by an ex years ago that I was not to buy any more candles and that if I brought anymore into the house, he would throw them away. Yeah, is there any question why he's now my ex? Mmmhmm...

    I've thought the same about adding recipes to my blog because we like to cook too - I would LOVE to see some nice recipes here, I'm always looking for ideas! Go for it :)

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend my dear xxx

  2. My husband complains about the pillows I have on the bed, on the couch...all the time. We have just sold our apartment in Lisbon (where I am at the moment to sell the furniture, give stuff away and pack some of our personal belonging to ship to Australia) and I have just given away over 20 pillows to a dog and cat rescue place. At least the poor things will be comfortable and my husband will be happy I don´t bring more pillows to the house!

  3. @Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy} If only I could remember to take photos when I make something! I made three scrumptious chocolate ice cream cakes for my son's birthday. If I can snap a photo before we devour the last one, I'll post that recipe. Yum!

  4. @Sami Wow, you really did have a lot of pillows! So glad you donated them to a rescue organization. They always need towels and blankets too.


I hope you'll stop a second to let me know you were here and/or to share your thoughts!

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