Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reclaiming my weekends

Yes, I'm slacking on this here blog.  And it's all his fault.

The Teen in his marching band uniform

Okay, mayyyyyybe it's not alllllllll his fault.  Me going back to work a couple weeks ago might have something to do with it too!  But the reason I haven't had much in the way of interesting DIY projects lately is that my weekends have been hijacked since the beginning of September by The Teen and his high school marching band.

Friday nights were often filled with football games (the marching band performs at halftime), and every Saturday was occupied with a band competition (or sometimes even two!).  For parents like us, who volunteer with the band, that means by Sunday we're whooped and unable to function normally, since many competition days we didn't get home until after 2am.

Some Saturdays you could find me shining the shoes of teenagers.  Yep, we're serious about looking good in our band, so parent volunteers shine the students' patent leather shoes before competitions.

For those of you not from Indiana or Texas, you may not understand the world of marching bands, but it's serious stuff around here.  I am proud to say that The Teen and his marching band won 6th place at our state competition this past weekend!  Here they are marching on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts, and the location of the upcoming Super Bowl.

The kids worked extremely hard, from starting their season in the 100 degree weather at band camp in July, to practicing several times a week and pretty much giving up their weekends and any other social activities.  A couple girlfriends of some of the older band students even wear "band widow" t-shirts, since they all but give up seeing their significant others during the fall.

As happy as I am to get my weekends back, we will definitely miss marching band around here.  It has been a wonderful growing experience for The Teen, and a great way for The Mr. and me to get involved.

And now ... without further ado ... I guess I better get to planning my next DIY.  I'm feeling the pressure!!!!



  1. I fell your pain...it's big here in Nebraska too. Mine plays flute...and I have a clarinet player moving up to H.S. band next year too. Wouldn't change a thing though, the girls hang with a pretty good bunch of kids in band!

  2. I am also a proud band mom and sis... I feel your pain... the other moms and I were lost last weekend thinking now what do we do? Congratulations on the success of your son's band. We missed state by .285 points this year, however we did also celebrate 6th place last year. It feels good!


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