Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A present for the bedroom

If someone was going to buy you a present for your bedroom, what would you have in mind?  Would it be sleek? Shiny?  Vivid in color?  With a device you could hold in your hand to turn it up or down?

Would the sides of the box it comes in be labeled "front" and "rear"?  Would there be a warning indicating it should only be transported in the upright position?  Would it be 42 inches on the diagonal?

Yes?  Well then you'd be impressed with our new bedroom toy.

Gypsy and Pepper checking out the goods

Oh, was that not what you were thinking?  Sorry to disappoint!

The final (for now) piece missing for our bedroom makeover was a new TV.  The Mr. had been trying to convince me for years that our tube TV, which never seemed very old to me, needed to be replaced with a flat screen.  He could never give me a good reason, as our current TV is plenty big and works great.  I had too many other things higher priority on my list for money expenditures.  (Of course, we would do the convincing dance in reverse when I wanted new pillows for the sofa or something like that.  We all have our weaknesses.)

The TV had been sitting on our dresser since we moved here, which was just fine with me.

However, once I replaced our old dresser with a freshly painted vintage version, I refused to dent the new paint job with the weight of the old TV.  As a temporary solution, we sat one of our old nightstands next to the dresser once we replaced it with another freshly painted piece.  But once the whole old bedroom suite sold recently, our temporary TV stand was gone.  I reluctantly allowed it to be placed on top of the painted dresser, knowing that the dresser has had months to cure at this point.  And, of course, I put a cushy towel under the TV to ward off any dents.

By this time, I was the one harping about needing a new TV, and The Mr. was the one being tight with our money.  Of course, me not working for months (by my own choice) didn't help that situation, so I couldn't harp too much!

As soon as I signed on to my new full-time job, I asked (demanded?) that The Mr. start his TV research again.  (I know many bloggers appreciate people spending time researching the best products and the best prices, but lots of people would not understand why we wouldn't just drive to the nearest Best Buy and buy whatever TV is in our price range.  We're analyzers here in this homestead, so we do careful research pricing studies before making a large purchase.)

Usually The Mr. at least consults me before pulling the trigger on something for the house, but I was merely informed after-the-fact this time, during the work day, no less.  I was annoyed at first, and reminded him that anything on display inside the home falls under the purview of the decorator of the home, which is me, and that I need to approve any such items beforehand.  But ... truthfully, I was happy to know that the final piece for our bedroom makeover was being processed and would be delivered soon.

Today the lovely parcel was delivered, and I wish the TV hanging fairy was here to wave her magic wand.  Instead, I'll have to wait until the weekend because The Mr. is busy every night this week, and I have no interest in tackling the project on my own.

If all goes well, I hope to be nestled in my bed Sunday night watching my newly hung flat screen TV before I drift off to sleep.  And, if you are lucky and my timing is right, maybe I can snap photos of my updated bedroom for a long-overdue room tour reveal.  If you are not lucky and/or my timing is not right to catch what little light we get at that end of the house, you'll have to wait until the following weekend.

Now, back to my original question:  If someone was going to buy you a present for your bedroom, what would you have in mind?



  1. Wow a new tv? We don't have a tv in our bedroom, but the one we do have in the living room is an old tube one. Neither of us really feels a need for a new one at all. Ours works fine. When it breaks we'll get a new one :) If I were to get something for the bedroom right now it'd be a new rug! We don't have a rug in there right now but I'd really like one.

  2. I want an old door to turn into a headboard. I haven't had a headboard since I was 12! It's time.

  3. I would like a new mattress. But if that is too blah, it would be nice to have two cushy easy to vacuum rugs in tan & black, since we have very cold peel n stick flooring in the winter, and warm feet would be a good thing to feel, the first step out of bed. Our bedroom is very tiny, 10ft, so not much room for anything but sleeping.


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