Friday, November 11, 2011

Did anybody else spot a spray painted elephant on TV this week?

I was chilling at home tonight, catching up on today's DVR'd episode of The Nate Berkus Show.  There was a segment called "Thrifty Tabletop Design" with blogger Mr. Kate.  She was challenged to create a tablescape using all thrift store finds.

And what was included in her purchase but some ceramic elephants?!

What?  She must have read my blog!  Hahahahaha.  As if.

My elephants ended up white.  Mr. Kate spray painted hers yellow because she was going for bright, poppy colors.  Here's the before and after.

And here's a shot of the finished tablescape where you can see the two yellow elephants mixed in among other lively-colored items.

If you're interested in getting the behind-the-scenes scoop, check out Mr. Kate's blog here, or a video of the segment on the Nate Show site here.

Images via The Nate Berkus Show web site and Mr. Kate's blog.



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