Friday, October 21, 2011

Wall + push pins = necklace storage solution

I don’t know about you, but I have a bit of an obsession with necklaces.  As a little girl, I had a small tabletop jewelry chest, which worked fine for the few pieces of jewelry I had at the time.  Recently I showed you how I sort and store my earrings using a compartment organizer.  It easily slips into one of my bathroom cabinet drawers.  However, my necklaces are another story.  For a while I was using a larger compartment organizer, which would fit into the same drawer, but as I accumulated more and more necklaces, and as they got chunkier and chunkier, that method was no longer working.  I don’t have any floor space in my closet for a jewelry armoire, so I came up with a different solution!

I hung my necklaces on a wall of my closet, next to my hanging clothes.  All it took was a few push pins!  Alternatively, I could have used small hooks, but I had the push pins on hand, and they make it super-easy to slip the necklaces on and off.

The benefits of this solution:
  • I can easily see my options when getting dressed
  • No tangled necklaces
  • No extra space taken up
In the photo above, I pushed my clothes to the side so you could get a good view of the necklaces.  Here’s what it looks like when my clothes are hanging as normal.

All you need is a wall and some push pins.  Easy enough?  (Just make sure you use three-dimensional push pins, not flat thumbtacks.  And make sure all your push pins are the same color so they match.  Just kidding.  But mine do, because I'm a bit OCD.)

Two things to consider regarding spacing of your push pins:
  1. How long your necklaces will hang:  I put shorter necklaces on the top row, allowing the longer necklaces to hang down from the bottom row.  You might want to measure the hanging length of your longest necklace to make sure you leave enough room.
  2. How wide your necklaces are when hanging:  Chunky necklaces take up more width than more delicate ones, so you’ll need to space your push pins out accordingly to accommodate both types.
Would this solution work for you?


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  1. very clever Hollie! I don't wear necklaces, but I can see that it would be very handy to have them right in your closet!

  2. I have an obsession with necklaces too, but have mine hanging from big cup hooks on an mdf board which was framed, they are then hung according to their various colours.

    1. Can you send a pic of your necklace storage solution to gina.covello AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!

  3. Very good idea! I am participating in a statement necklace swap, so this will definitely come in handy! Thank you.

  4. Oh, and you totally had me at I'm busy procrastinating!

  5. i love displaying my necklaces so they can function as art too!

    found you via the weekend wrapup party and think you may like my special shabby chic giveaway:

    thanks so much for sharing!



  6. I just hung a cork board in my closet and did the same thing. We have the same green/yellow beaded necklace!

  7. Wonderful tip. I love practical info!
    Thanks for the sweet comment on my "cupcakes". :)

  8. Great idea. I NEED to do this!

  9. I have mine hanging on cork board. I have WAY TOO many for a hidden closet wall. I have to see all of them. I actually need more corkboards OR I need to have a sale. :)

  10. Have you seen our Pinhooks? Might work great for this: - hopefully you think it's okay to include links in your comment threads.

  11. Hi,
    Great ideas here! Actually, I have all my necklaces on about 10 mannequins! They are cute but I'm tired of them cluttering up my dresser. So I recently ordered an armoire and I love it, but I would like to put in as many hooks IN the armoire as possible so I can see most of my necklaces on the inside doors of the piece. Does anyone know if they make extra hooks for armoires? or....I just thought of getting a few strips of wood and screwing in nice brass hooks on them. The ones that are left over I can get a few organizers for 1 drawers and place what is remaining in each plastic one. Just wondering what anyone else did to enhance their armoires.... thanks!

    I don't have ANY room in my closets for extra jewelry...too many clothes/accessories, etc. and I would not even know where I would put a cork board...:(


  12. Are three dimensional push pins like the ones you can find at an office supplies store?


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