Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Times, they are a changing

My usual mornings for the past seven months:

My mornings as of this week:

Yep, I've gone back to work.  Monday was my first day.  Eek!  What have I done?!

A few weeks ago a friend/former colleague mentioned an opportunity at the company where she currently works.  Over lunch, she changed my outlook from "thanks, but no thanks" to "hey, that sounds interesting."  By the time I got home after lunch, I was convinced to give it a go.

Five weeks later, and I'm back in corporate America.  Before my seven-month hiatus, I worked in non-profit for five years, so going back to a very large corporation was a hard decision for me.  I am also the type of person who likes being an expert on a topic or process, so the idea of starting fresh scared me a bit. I had a last-minute freak-out last weekend, but once I got to work on Monday (and started by listening in on several conference calls), everything was fine.

Even though I've had over a month for the idea to sink in, I almost still can't believe I'm back at work!  Unfortunately I won't have as much time to work on projects around the house.  I'll definitely keep blogging, but if my posts aren't quite as frequent, you'll know why.  I'll be sure to fill you in on how things are going once I get settled in to my new routine.

Now it's off to bed for me so I can get up and out with the rush hour crowd in the morning!



  1. Good Luck! I too head back to work on Oct 30... It's been 13 months for me.. by choice, but still! I'm grateful to read I'm not alone..

  2. Hey congrats on the new job! Seems like it worked out for you pretty well. I work full time too... and I have a part time job on top of that! It's busy trying to keep on top of everything. I've been looking through your posts though & your home is lovely! I'm a new follower! :)

  3. Congrats on the new job! It's tough to keep a blog, work full time, spend time with your family, work on projects and still take care of a household so I feel your pain hun!

    Good luck and don't worry if you can't post as often, hun, we'll still be here ;) xxx


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