Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Limited time offer from flash sale site

Have you heard of online flash sale site  It just launched in June and quickly became one of my faves, because the offered items are more modern and irreverent than the typical flash sale site, and they feature lots of small companies.  I have been cataloging a few of my favorites for the past couple weeks, planning to compose a post in a week or two, but they're offering a limited time offer that expires at 12:22 PM Eastern on 10/5/11 (today!).  If you click on this invite and sign up for, you get an instant $10 credit to your account.

Like other flash sale sites, they send you an email each day with the day's offers.  Sales start at 11am ET and run for 3 days.  The prices are up to 70% off retail.

These are some examples of the fun products they've offered recently:

Wire coffee tables

Helveticards, which celebrate typefaces, design and gaming

Birdhouse nursery light

Vintage industrial stool

Solar backpacks and briefcases to power your electronics on-the-go

Detergent bottles upcycled into cute animal lamps

FLOR carpet tiles

Clever t-shirts aplenty

Colorful toilet paper and paper towels -- who knew?

Street shoes that are a mash-up of rubber duck boot and an air-sole athletic shoe

Vintage gooseneck lamp

Yep, they also sell "normal" things like throws, too!

And today's products include:

Frames to display album covers as wall art
Cool i-Phone 4 covers

And later this week:

Wood jewelry

Contemporary furniture

Digital jewelry designs that mimic nature

Cheeky letterpress cards

Pet prints

Patchwork pillows

If you're interested in joining and see this post in time, be sure to click here and sign up before 12:22 PM Eastern TODAY!!  If you miss the deadline, you can still join with the invite, you just won't get the $10 credit.  Either way,  I bet you'll find something fun!



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