Thursday, October 13, 2011

Designers take on the iconic Arne Jacobsen Swan chair for charity

Architect and designer Arne Jacobsen is famous for developing the Danish Modern style.  One iconic example of this is his Swan chair.

In October's issue of ELLE DECOR, I read about The Pink Swan Project, launched by SUITE New York to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Nineteen designers were invited to customize Swan chairs, which are being auctioned off at through October 31.

I don't know about you, but I can't afford the designer-deluxe versions.  Nevertheless, I can gawk at the artistry!

ELLE DECOR featured Madeline Weinrib's pink and white stripey ikat version.

Madeline Weinrib

That one had me at hello, so I just had to check out the others.  Here are my faves:

Windsor Smith
Alexandra Von Furstenberg
Campion Platt
D.B. Kim of PYR for Swarovski
David Mann

Julie Hillman
Kelly Hoppen
Victoria Hagan

The Madeline Weinrab version is my favorite design-wise, but if I had to pick one to go in my house, the Campion Platt or Windsor Smith chairs would do it.  I'm not a flashy gal, and those two are simple, yet luxe.

What's your favorite?



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