Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Creative pumpkin ideas for Halloween decorating

I'm usually too lazy to put much effort into decorating pumpkins.  In years past, I just bought them and placed them as-is on my porch.  I didn't grow up carving a pumpkin each year, and never started the tradition in my own household either.  We're not crafty types around here, but this year I'm inspired to do something fun, so I've been on the hunt for ideas.

It's amazing how many different ways people have come up with to customize a simple pumpkin!  Here's a sampling of my favorites.

And ... for the classiest households, a puking pumpkin!

Which is your favorite?  You know it's the last one!

I'm hosting some girlfriends next week, so I guess I better get to some pumpkin decorating!  There's a local family farm where I can get some real pumpkins, and I might have to pick up some faux-kins as well so I can use them again next year.  If I actually get any of this done (hmm), I'll be sure to share the results.



  1. Now that's an inspiring collection! I need to get with it on some holiday decorating. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. Wow! I never decorate for autumn/halloween (it's not really DONE here in the UK) but after all the inspiring images on here, I may be changing my mind!

    I love the glam spider one, the punk one, the ginko and the thorny vines ones the best!

    Fab collection!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out!

    Metallic Pumpkins ;)


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