Sunday, October 16, 2011

A bold pop of color for the living room

Now that my living room art situation is all worked out, I can officially start accessorizing the rest of the room.  Hooray!  I've been on standby in there for far too long.

I didn't wait to much time, of course!  My first post-art purchase was a pair of red pillows to bring out the little splashes of red in the artwork.

It's the Dharti Pillow by the brand Bholu, and I purchased them from last weekend.  Via the flash sale, they were 64% off retail.  Even with the discount, I still paid more than I normally would for pillows.  I think the idea that they're offering such a great "deal" entices me to buy something I normally wouldn't.  I feel like I'm getting a good value because it's an expensive item that I would never pay retail for, but I'll stretch my budget if it's "on sale."  Do you find that to be the case for you, too?

I love the design, of course.  Red is definitely dominant, but the swirls of white bring an interest to the pillow without being too busy.

The other thing I appreciate is that they're hand embroidered by traditional artisans in India who earn fair trade wages.  I had heard of fair trade in the past, but learned more about it during our vacation to Seattle this summer when we went on a tour of a small chocolate factory that employs fair trade practices.  Part of the proceeds also goes to the Bholu Anganwadi Project which has built 8 pre-schools with Architects Without Frontiers Australia in underpriviledged communities.

I've been wanting to bring a real pop of color in the living room to wake up the space, and now I have art with lots of different colors that allows me to do that.  In fact, there are so many different colors in the art that I can order oodles of pillows and just change them out now and then to freshen things up!  (But don't tell The Mr.)

If you're interested in the pillows for yourself, the flash sale at is now over, but you can buy this and other pillows by Bholu at Bobby Berk Home.  Here are some of my other favorites.

Nimboo Pillow by Bholu

Sas Lena Pillow by Bholu

Narvik 2 by Rouge Du Rhin

Narvik 3 by Rouge Du Rhin

Kitty Cat Darling Pillow by Naked Decor

By the way, you can find promotional codes for Bobby Berk Home and thousands of other retailers at  Have you heard of that site?  I never purchase anything online without checking for promo codes first!  Users like me list promo codes that others, in turn, can use.  For instance, if you get a coupon in the mail or via email and it has a promo code, you can upload the code to the site, and then others can benefit too.  A few popular retailers (like West Elm) block user submissions of promo codes, but most are fair game.  Be sure to check it out if you haven't before!

Can't wait for my new pair of bright red pillows to arrive so I can try them out on the sofa.  Pics to come!



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