Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sir Octopus is coming to town

Do you ever shop the daily online flash sales?  I used to stalk them each day, but since I've been on a spending hiatus this summer, most days lately I just delete the notifications from my inbox so as not to be tempted.  However, I'm always on the lookout for pillows for our living room, so I do check in now and then to see if there are any perfect pillows that must be mine.  Yesterday as I was trolling for pillows, I happened upon some framed art prints, most with coastal images, at Rue La La.  Since art is my second-most-sought-after item after pillows, and since I have an affinity for coastal decor, I thought I'd take a peek.  Menacing Mr. Octopus called out to me.
He may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think he's fun, and the turquoise/navy color scheme is perfect for my house.  I'm going to try him out above our sofa, but he may not be quite wide enough, so the backup location (and possibly preferred, actually) is the one blank wall in our bedroom. 

My purchase confirmation says the estimated delivery is about three weeks away, so I anxiously anticipate his arrival!

  • Are you an online flash sale shopper too?  If you want an invite to any of them, let me know and I'll send you a link.  You can find clothes, shoes, home decor, vacations, accessories, pet gear, and lots of other good stuff, usually at discounted prices.
  • Do you stalk art or pillows?  Or something else?
  • Would you be afraid to wake up (or go to sleep) with a menacing octopus staring at you across your bedroom?


  1. I also have a few links to online shopping, but I haven´t yet ventured into any purchases...I´m not sure I would like to wake up with an octopus staring at me, but I do enjoy eating them!! I´m more into flowers, abstracts...and I do love anything African inspired.

  2. Love the Octopus. Felicia

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