Saturday, September 17, 2011

Painted bed and lamp for a college apartment

Yesterday I told you about the bed I painted for The Mr.'s cousin Molly, a college sophomore who just moved in to her first apartment.  I asked her to snap a picture of the bed in its new home.  I had no idea what her bedding looked like, only that her accent color was lime green, so I was totally curious.

Now that I see the bedding is mostly light-colored, I might have preferred for the bed frame to be black, but white still works.  And if she's anything like me when I was a student (or, who am I kidding, like me now), she'll want to change her bedding up now and then for a new look.

You can just barely see the lime green in the flowers of the bedding, which, I assume, is how she chose lime as the accent color for her room.  You can see she has a lime green lamp and trash can. 

The lamp is actually another piece I repainted for her.  I had purchased it for $4 at Goodwill in the spring.  It had no shade, and the base was a rust color.  I forgot to take a photo of it before I started spraying it with primer.  For small projects, it's easy to forget that step because they're usually much quicker to get started on than big projects.

You can see that before I started priming, I covered the cord and the light fixture parts with painter's tape.  I also used an old can as well as some lids from spray primer cans to prop up the lamp off the floor so I could get to all its surfaces that would need paint.  I actually use spray paint lids a lot to prop up items, like chairs and accessories, off the floor for painting.  For heavier items, I use painter's pyramids, because the lids bow and crack under too much weight.
I believe I ended up with three (maybe 4) light coats of lime green spray paint.  I thought about coating it with spray poly to protect it from the paint getting scratched, but without the poly, it would be easier for Molly to respray it down the road if she wants to change up the color.

I bought a simple white drum shade from Target for $15.99.  If she wants to dress it up, Molly could easily cover the shade with fabric or trim it with ribbon.

Here's another shot of the finished project, before it got loaded onto the truck headed to Molly's new apartment.

I can't go into a thrift store without checking out the lamps.  The prices some retailers want for lamps is just ridiculous.  I mean, it's one thing when the lamp has some awesome, intricate, or hand-crafted design.  But when it looks the same as this one that I bought at Goodwill for $4, and a retailer wants $250 for it, I just don't understand.  Is anybody else with me on that?



  1. Amen on lamp prices! Love how the bed and lamp turned out. I think I should update with some spray paint one of these days! Deb

  2. I really like your blog! Keep up the great work!

  3. I couldn't agree more on the lamp situation. Although Wal-Mart has recently got a lot of really cute cheap ones, I still look at thrift stores whenever I'm there. I recently repainted my own thrift store lamp so I'm always looking for nice ones to play with.

  4. Most cheap lamps that I find in Walmart are either of poor quality, or China-made. I would rather buy old ones from yard sales.

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