Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fun finds: Z Gallerie

I have been avoiding my favorite mall for months.  When I gave up my full-time job last spring, I also gave up our disposable income ... and the need to purchase nice clothes.  After all, our cats don't care how many times I wear the same t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops!  But I was "in the neighborhood" yesterday, and had a $10 t-shirt to return to American Eagle on behalf of The Teen.  So I had an excuse to stop in my favorite shopping mall in Louisville -- Oxmoor Center.

The first place I stopped in was Z Gallerie.  I can always find great things there, most often when I'm not really on the lookout for anything.  Yesterday, in particular, I was particularly taken with several items and wanted to share them with you.

Cute turquoise garden stools

The three-panel wood piece in the back would be a great way to fill up a large or 2-story wall 

Both of the paintings at the top caught my eye

I've always wondered what all the phonetic alphabet words were

The art at the top left was a moody abstract cityscape;
the pair at the right was a drippy abstract of trees

Leggy elephants, anyone?

A silvery faux camera would be a cute addition to a table or shelf vignette

This silver-leafed table is made of resin, cast from the root of an old Acacia tree

Love nailheads, love gray leather, love the updated wingback shape

This mirror is taller than me, and would totally bounce some
light around a room with its varying facets

These old grape vines would bring a natural element into a room

A silver branch bowl would bring some dimension to a dark coffee table or dining table

Need some height?  Add something like this ring sculpture to your vignette

These turquoise ikat pillows had me at hello

Lovely pattern and color combo

The pattern on these pillows would coordinate well with the pillows above

The gears are a fun take on a coffee or end table

I passed up all those other lovely items to take home this colorful specimen:

Well, I tried to take it home.  It wouldn't fit in my car, so I measured The Mr.'s car when he got home from work, and he's heading to Z Gallerie today to pick it up for me.  Can't wait to try it out above the sofa!  It's exactly what I wanted -- various colors of blue (including turquoise), plus white and black, and pops of other bright colors like red/coral, yellow and green.  Woo-hoo!

The only downside is that it's not original art.  I was totally prepared to drop down some real money for a real grown-up piece of original art, so I'm still headed to the St. James Court Art Show tomorrow check things out, but I'm totally stoked about my find at Z Gallerie!

Do any of these items make you grab for your wallet?



  1. I love the colors in the painting. You can always return it if you find an original at the art show.

  2. What's the title/artist details of that painting? I saw it a while back at Zgallerie and went to buy it for my wife, but now it's no longer there and didnt' see it on their website either. Any help is much appreciated...

    1. Update: The painting is called "Stumped in Motion." Still don't know who the artist is, but ZGallerie has started selling it again.

  3. @Anonymous To be honest, I have no idea! I found it at the store on clearance, and when I checked the website after my purchase, it wasn't listed, so I guess it had been discontinued. It's not signed, and there's no markings on the frame, either. Sorry!


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