Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crushing on BevShots: Mixing cocktails, science and modern art

Who says a little alcohol splattered on the wall shouldn't be seen outside a frat house? BevShots might change your mind.


BevShots are technicolor images of beverages that have been crystallized on a laboratory slide, then photographed under a polarized light microscope.  Because the microscopic composition of each beverage is different, so are the resulting images created by the polarized light reflecting through the beverage crystals.
The image above is a daiquiri (one of my favorite girly adult beverages).  If it doesn't look anything like a daiquiri to you, it's because you don't normally look at beverages under a microscope.  Where have you been?

Here's a sampling of my favorite BevShots images:

German Light Lager


Mint Julep (for my Louisville folks)

Orange Juice

English Pure Brewed Lager (Has a very moody feel compared to the others.)

Pina Colada (Doesn't it look like a butterfly?)

Rum and Cola


Vodka Tonic (Reminds me of your vision if you drink too many!)

White Russian

American Amber Ale

Cola (Or is it the Aurora Borealis?)

Australian Pale Lager


Cranberry Juice

The images are the brainchild of Michael Davidson, a research scientist and microphotographer at Florida State University.  He was looking for a way to fund his lab, and hatched the idea of selling neckties with microphotographic images of cocktails, beers and wines.  After several years of selling his limited edition Molecular Expressions™ Cocktail Collection, he was approached by Lester Hutt, a scientist and entrepreneur, who had the vision to expand Davidson's idea into art prints, coasters, scarves and more.

BevShots is a perfect marriage of art and science.  Their tagline sums it up: " Remember to Decorate Responsibly®."  I dig it.



  1. Oh my god, these are amazing! Love 'em and love the idea :)

  2. These are awesome! Love the art and the geeky information! Thanks!

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