Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sharpies in designland

Who doesn’t love a Sharpie marker?  There’s something very powerful in that little marker package, and I’m not even talking about fumes.  In fact, Sharpie just launched a new campaign called “Start with Sharpie” to feature all the inspired projects created with their little markers-that-could.

Sharpies aren't just for posters any more.  Artistic folks have been using the ol’ Sharpie in home design to create low-cost, high-style looks, both small-scale and large.

Recreating a Favorite Fabric or Wallpaper on the Cheap

Sharpie on white vinyl to mimic Brunschwig and Fils' Les Touches fabric (via Little Green Notebook)

Katie Ridder's Leaf wallpaper was recreated in Sharpie on a bathroom wall (via Gus & Lula)

Sharpies and a little paint mimic Shumacher's Birds and Butterflies wallpaper (via Shannon Berrey Design)

Sharpies were used to trace over an AutoCAD-created transfer of a scaled -down version
of the Frekvenssi wallpaper for Marimekko (via Curbly)

Execute Your Own Unique Design Ideas

Who needs dye to make fun Easter eggs?  (Alisa Burke, via Pinterest)

To make a low-cost "headboard," create your own stencil and trace it
with a gold metallic Sharpie (via Gus and Lula)

Dress up a lamp with a Sharpie oil paint marker (via HGTV)

Got a mirror with an ugly frame?  Ditch the frame and make your own on the wall! (via Time Out Chicago)

This colorful treatment was painted in a retail dressing room, but you could do something similar in your home with a Sharpie (via Apartment Therapy)

This is a bathroom update anybody could do -- artsy pinstripes (via Persia Lou)

Now, this is the Sharpie creation to top all Sharpie creations, in my book.  German installation artist Heike Weber made a floor look like it has waves.  Wow.  I'll leave something like this to an expert!

(via Apartment Therapy)

I was in Walgreens last night and passed by a display of Sharpies in all kinds of colors.  My mind started wandering, which can be a dangerous thing.  I've been considering either a painted stencil or wallpaper for my powder room and/or bathroom, but I'm intrigued by this Sharpie art and wondering if I should try a Sharpie design first.  What do you think?



  1. I purchased a lamp from a thrift store. The paper shade had a small stain on it and I have been throwing around the idea of getting some sharpies and putting on a design that will cover the stain. Going to do it for sure, now! People are so brave to paint on their walls with markers!


  2. Oh my god, this is amazing and so inspiring! I don't know if they have Sharpies in all these different styles here, I was only aware of the black permanent ones! Man I am so out of touch ;)

    Can't wait to see if you take the plunge! xxx


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