Sunday, August 14, 2011

Metamorphosis Monday #6

I haven’t completed any big projects myself since before our vacation a month ago.  (The turquoise writing desk was done before vacation, but I just got around to writing about it a couple weeks ago.)  It’s high time I get back in the swing of things this week.  In the mean time, here are the projects that other bloggers completed that inspired me in one way or another over the past week.

I’m on a wall coverings kick lately, and this laundry room wallpaper is yet another push for me to do something interesting with at least one wall or room in my own home.  Wallpaper is such a simple thing but makes such a big impact.  The green and white color scheme is so fresh and really livened up what was once a very dull laundry room.  Nice choices by Elizabeth at The Mustard Ceiling!  I like the new drum pendant light too.


Have you heard about using resin to get a glossy, durable finish?  I’ve seen it done on a side table and on a tray, but this resin project really made me want to try it out.  Carrie at Lovely etc. used Mod Podge to adhere some maps to this vintage typewriter table, only there were too many wrinkles for her liking and she was afraid the finish wouldn’t be durable enough.  She decided to top it with resin, and now it has a smooth, shiny finish.  Isn’t the table adorable?


It takes guts to put up any wall treatment that is more than just paint.  Jessie from Imperfectly Polished pushed the envelope by adding wood slats to her master bedroom wall.  It gave the room a wow factor that it didn’t have before.


This next metamorphosis just keeps getting better.  Carrie and Chris from Hazardous Design did a complete makeover on their powder room.  I thought it was awesome when they revealed it back in May, but the addition of a roman shade with DIY’d grosgrain ribbon trim is a perfect complement.


Thank you to Vivienne from The V Spot for reminding people that you don’t have to live with dated furniture, even if you’re on a tight budget.  So many people have furniture in their home that has this style and stain finish.  Paint does wonders, I tell you!  Here’s her media center before:


And here’s the more updated after, which looks great against her new sage green wall.  Much improved!


Need a laugh?  I got a big laugh when I learned about Project Project Runway.  Susi and Kat of Just Crafty Enough came up with the idea, and this is their second “season” of the non-competition.  Participants use fashion dolls as models, and follow the actual Project Runway challenge each week to create an outfit for their dolls.  They even use the “Piperlime accessory wall,” which I can only assume means they choose accessories on the Piperlime website.   For instance, Tawny of The L-T Experience revealed this lovely number for week one’s “Come as You Are” challenge. 


That was the one where the designers had to make outfits from the clothes they had worn to bed, plus a white sheet.  Participants have to share their “workroom” photos and “runway” photos on the Project Project Runway Flickr site each week.  You have to read Tawny’s post about her design.  It totally cracked me up the way she described it as though she and her “model” were participating in the real competition.

Thank you to all these fine ladies for yet another week of inspiration (and laughter)!



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