Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Get Me Motivated Monday ... er ... Tuesday

I've decided to change my "Metamorphosis Monday" series to "Get Me Motivated Monday."  The latter name fits better with my procrastination theme, doesn't mandate that the item be a before & after, and will hopefully alleviate any confusion with the Metamorphosis Monday link party at Between Naps on the Porch.  Although I thought of the name independently of the BNOTP blog, since I discovered the match, it's been bugging me, and Susan certainly used her name long before I did, so I decided to come up with something new.

Yes, I'm a day late this week.  I know my readers could care less what day they get posted, but having a day of the week specified in the series name keeps me on task!  Well, except yesterday when I forgot.  But you can forgive me because I had already posted Monday morning about something else, and then I got caught up in my basement overhaul project.

So ... without further ado, here are the projects that got me motivated to do something this week:

1.  Wallpaper made of tiny stickers

Room view

Close-up view

It's part of an art installation called "The Salon at Sundown."  I found the photos on Pinterest, but the original article is via CRAFT blog.

2.  Paint chip scavenger hunt

The berry is a match!

Laura from Come Together Kids saw this idea on the Frugal Family Fun blog and implemented it with her family this summer.  You give the kids a set of paint swatches and have them find items that match.  You can tailor the colors to work for outdoors vs. indoors, or the season, or the specific location of the hunt.  What a fun way to get the kids moving and exploring!

3.  If you like a piece of art but it doesn't match your color scheme, change it!

 You can always completely repaint over canvas art and start over, but if you have a simple graphic that you're still fond of, why not just change it to match your new color scheme?  Great idea by Pam, the diy Design Fanatic.

4.  Unique, distressed state love art

There are many cute examples of "state love" art, especially on Etsy, but this one is unique.  Laura from Corner House found some old maps online, used Picnik to give them an aged look, and then used a distressed photo transfer technique on 12 x 12 canvases.

5. Transform a drab dresser into a bright changing table + storage

The cheery yellow color of the newly painted dresser is super for a nursery.  Its drawers give Dina from Honey & Fitz lots of storage for all those tiny baby things, and by just using a changing pad on top, the family is not tied to buying a separate changing table that would be useless when the baby grows older.  Don't you love how the rainbow-colored abacus is hung above the changing table, too?


Thanks to these ladies for getting me motivated this week!

I also couldn't let any more time go by without celebrating a special milestone.  I started this blog five months ago, and reached 100 followers last week!  Of course, Google Followers is only one way to measure your readership.  There are others who subscribe via a reader or email that don't follow me via Google Friend Connect, and that's awesome too!  I appreciate all of your support ... and motivation ... and especially comments!



  1. Thanks so much for featuring my changing table! I LOVE that sticker wallpaper. Insanely creative!

  2. I have recently found your blog, it´s very interesting and as I also love decorating I thought I would award you a Liebster award. Please pop through to my blog and collect it so you can pass it on... thanks

  3. Forgot to include the link:

  4. Wow, that sticker project is just absolute craziness! Love it but would never have the patience to attempt anything nearing that!

    Loving the distressed maps idea too :)

    Oooh and well done on your 100 followers! Well deserved xxx

  5. I am totaly in LOVE with these BEAUTIFUL designs :)

  6. I am totaly in LOVE with these BEAUTIFUL designs :)

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