Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fun finds: TJ Maxx

I am currently under a mandate to keep all spending to the very minimum.  But … The Teen could use another pair of shorts for school … and I just so happened to be near a TJ Maxx, where I bought him a “very comfy” pair of khaki shorts recently … so why not see if they have another pair?  And why not peruse the housewares area while I’m there … just to share fun finds with my readers?  Why not?

I didn’t buy anything, so I’m in the clear.  But these antiquey silver trunks presented me with quite the temptation.  The Mr. is fascinated with trunks, so maybe if I just show him a photo ….  Yeah, probably still a no-go.  He has strong spending willpower.

2011-08-05 15.06.08

I’m a sucker for mirrors, and this one framed with magazine scraps gives off a fun and funky vibe.

2011-08-05 15.07.30

I’m not usually one for inspirational quotes, but the rainbow colors in this print were wooing me.

2011-08-05 15.08.28

This large balloon vase is similar to a couple I have in my home.  The rope wrapped around the neck gives it a coastal look.

2011-08-05 15.09.17 

I know of a certain college student moving into her first apartment this year, and I thought of her immediately when I saw these pillows full of bright colors and patterns.

2011-08-05 15.10.15

If you prefer to take your lunch to work (or school) like I do, why not do it in style with a lunch tote in a modern print?

2011-08-05 15.12.55

Coral is one of my favorite colors, and I adore these sweet bowls.   A use outside of the obvious could be a catch-all for keys or jewelry.

2011-08-05 15.13.36

Why there’s a Mr. Bill squeeze toy for dogs, I don’t know.  But I had to share it.

2011-08-05 15.14.18

And so concludes another jaunt to the TJ Maxx housewares area.  Next week my mom is meeting me at HomeGoods for her first-ever visit.  She has been yard sale, thrift and consignment purchaser way before it was cool, and will be way after it’s lost its coolness.  Although I think HomeGoods has awesome prices (on most things), it may be hard to get her to part with her money.  To her, hardly anything should cost over $20.  But I will try my best.  After all, she’s not on a minimal spending mandate.  And I need a shopping fix.



  1. I have a case of "the grass is always greener" envy. I think your TJMaxx is better than mine. Great items!

  2. We have a lot of those items at our TJ too except for the trunks, those are awesome. Ya, I get those mandates put on me too....hate them!

    You did good to restrain yourself.

  3. We do have TJ Maxx here in the UK (although, bizarrely, it's called TK Maxx, no clue why) and it is always filled with loads of great stuff. Love your choices, those metal trucks are fabulous! Your spending willpower is obviously stronger than mine! x

  4. That magazine scrap mirror is pretty awesome and a pretty cool find for TJ Maxx. Not that I don't love TJ Maxx..I do.

    Thanks for the recent stop by my blog. I love your blog name!


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