Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Crushing on board and batten

Lately I've been crushing on decorative trim and wainscoting, board and batten in particular.  This classic treatment can go from simple, like in this mudroom:

via Centsational Girl

to wow, like in this grand foyer:

via House of Turquoise

Board and batten, a type of wainscoting, usually consists of a flat back panel (board) with thin strips (battens) to cover the seams between panels, plus a trim piece across the top.  This style is typical of Craftsman and Shaker design, with the simple lines and flat panels.

Here's an example of board and batten used in a traditional Craftsman home, with the wood stained instead of painted.

via This Old House

A higher grade of wood is required if you plan on showing it off with stain instead of painting over it.  Today, most board and batten is constructed of low-cost plywood and/or MDF, then painted over for a fresh, modern look.

Like other wainscoting treatments, board and batten can stop at chair-rail height, like in this nursery:

via On to Baby

Or go around 2/3 of the way up the wall, like in this bathroom:

via Pinterest/Amanda Joy Photography

Or rise all the way up to the ceiling, like in this living area:

via Pinterest, originally from Houzz

Always a simple, clean-lined treatment, board and batten can be jazzed up with the addition of extra horizontal pieces for more visual interest.

via Thrifty Decor Chick

via Houzz

via 4 Men 1 Lady

via Better After
A plate rail can even be added at the top to display photos or artwork, perfect for a dining room.

via Hello Newman's

Clearly there are a million different ways to use board and batten in a home.  Now I just have to (1) convince The Mr. it's a good idea for us; and (2) decide where to use it.  Since we have a Craftsman home, it will fit in just perfectly with the style of our house.  I do think we have some areas that could use some additional architectural interest, like our dining room.

You think we should go for it?


  1. okay, this shows how lazy I am, but tho' I love the look of wainscoting, all I can think is "more surfaces to dust"!

  2. def go for it! i cant wait to see what you do! thanks for the link to our dining room :)

  3. Love the look as well, been thinking about doing it up our staircase but I haven't yet broke it to my other half yet ;)

    Heck with the dust, looks fab! Can't wait to see how it comes out in your place wherever you choose to use it! xxx

  4. I love the look, and your dining room would look great with wainscoting. Im currently redoing my guest bathroom with board and batton due to inspiration on pinterest.

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