Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Basement workroom progress

I've been doing most of my furniture makeovers in our unfinished basement.  There's a sizeable amount of space, and I wasn't worried about any paint overspray getting on the walls or floors.  But the one thing that has been an issue is the dust from sanding getting all over everything else that's in the basement.  My first project involved white paint, so it just looked like a regular layer of dust on things.  But the last three pieces I've worked on were turquoise, so it's become pretty obvious that the sanding dust is a problem.

An entire basement overhaul is needed, and I'm on it! Here's what my "workshop" area looked like before:

This area was just to the right of that last shot, and was the first area I tackled.  That concrete wall was actually lined with storage shelves like the one you see in the corner. 

Of course I forgot to take a photo before I started moving things and I certainly was not going to move them all back just for a photo op, so you'll just have to imagine five more shelving units filled with storage bins and other things, all covered with a layer of turquoise dust overtop a layer of white dust.  Not a pretty sight.  Speaking of not a pretty sight, look at that mess!  Some of it is my supplies, like the tool box, spray paint cans, Floetrol, sanding wedges and such.  The rest of it is thrifted items I've brought home as possible projects, mirrors and bed frames that are being stored, and junk that made it down the basement steps but did not get put away.  Surely I'm the only one who has a messy basement like this.  No?  Okay, well you better get down to yours and get a move on, because mine is going to be looking good very soon.

I must head back to the basement to continue my work, and I'll keep updating you on the progress.



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