Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Basement overhaul phase 1

Like I mentioned yesterday, a basement overhaul is underway.  The first phase was finding a new location for my storage shelves.  They used to be lined up along this concrete wall (you can still see one in the far corner).

But that side of the basement has become my workshop, and I needed to move that shelving out so it could be better protected from sanding dust and paint overspray.  First I had to clear out space on the other side of the basement, then I took everything off each shelf and moved them over to the new location.  I wiped down every shelf and item to get as much of the sanding dust off as possible.  Then I refilled the shelves.  Plus I assembled and filled some additional shelves that I had purchased.

Here's what my shelving area looks like now:

I stationed the newly assembled 5-tier shelving on the back wall and filled them with boxes and bins of items that are ready to be yard-saled.  I then left an aisleway for access and put my previously used 4-tier shelves in two back-to-back rows across the aisle.  The aisle allows me to put shelving out in the middle of the room and not just along the walls.

Each shelf unit has similar items on it.  There's one unit with home improvement necessities like paint and painting supplies, caulk, plus tapes and adhesives.  Another unit has overflow grocery items like paper towels, TP, flour and lightbulbs.  Two units house my holiday decor.  One unit includes sporting goods like balls, frisbees, water guns, and a sleeping bag.  I also have bins for candles to be used in power outages (like this past weekend) and for potential small gifts for friends and family.  There are many more unmentioned items, but you get the idea.  Like items are stored together.  Simple enough, right?

The basement is looking better already, and phase 2 is underway.  I'll be sure to keep you posted. 



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