Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Antique chest of drawers for bedroom

The last piece of furniture to be replaced in our bedroom is our chest of drawers.  Then we'll be ready to sell our old bedroom suite.  Since our new-to-us furniture is all painted (white dresser, turquoise nightstand and writing desk/chair), I thought it would be a good idea to leave the chest of drawers stained wood.

While it's not too hard to find vintage or antique pieces that need a few coats of paint, it's tricky to find a chest of drawers that's in good condition, with a stain color that won't clash with our chocolate brown walls, that's also in our price range.

And then I spotted this beauty in a local furniture consignment store:

I immediately texted a photo and a price to The Mr., who was at work, then I meandered around the store waiting for his response.  I didn't hear back from him, so I assumed he was in a meeting at the time, and moved along to my next errand.  He responded a couple hours later that he really liked the dresser (from the small photo he saw on his phone, anyway).  I called the store to see if they would hold it for me, and found that another buyer had beat me to it.  She had put it on hold until the following day.  I asked them to take my contact info just in case the other sale fell through. 

A week later The Mr. suggested I call to see if the chest was available, and I scoffed at him, insisting the store would have called me much earlier because they were only supposed to hold it for one day for the other person.  A few days later, I received a call out of nowhere that indeed the chest was available.  I had to eat my words, but I was happy to do it!  I immediately paid for the chest over the phone, then arranged to borrow a truck to pick it up.  What a nice birthday present for me!  (Today is my birthday.)

It's now sitting in my bedroom, but I have to move the old chest out, then move the "new" antique dresser into its place, then put the drawers in, etc.  Then I'll take some updated bedroom photos and share the full updated room with you.

Is there anything you've been on the lookout for?  I thought I'd never find a vintage/antique chest that would work for our space!



  1. Nice chest, reminds me of one my granny had. Happy birthday too of course!!

  2. it is so pretty - and definitely meant to be :)

  3. It's lovely and definitely meant to be! I just picked up an old chest of drawers this weekend - been trying to find the right one for my dressing room for ages! I was considering leaving it stained if the colour was right but oh dear god, it's like an orange red (almost looks like watered down paint maybe?) and it's just sickly. So it is definitely getting painted... been toying with turquoise as yours came out so nice...decisions decisions...

    Can't wait to see the full room x


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