Friday, July 15, 2011

Vacationing in Vancouver: Whistler and Sea to Sky Highway

Yesterday was our first full day in the Vancouver area, and we drove up the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler.  Unfortunately it rained the whole trek up there, so the views weren't great and The Mr. was so nervous about the wet, windy, unfamiliar roads, that he drove like a granny.  Luckily the rain stopped just as we got into Whistler, since all our activities would be outdoors.

The first thing we did was a zipline adventure back and forth between the Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, via Ziptrek Eco Tours.    I'm not exactly the most adventurous person in the world, but there I was, zipping across a cable suspended 200 feet above the valley floor, along the Fitzsimmons River.  It was amazing

In our ziplining gear on one of the platforms between zips, high atop the hemlock trees

At the end, I wished I could start over and do it all again right then and there!  It was a total rush to zoom across that high up, feeling the wind in my face, and to be able to look up, down, and around at the mountains, river and rainforest surrounding me.  I even turned myself partially upside down once, and then full upside down with my arms outstretched, not holding on at all, on the last line.  Unfortunately we had our wide angle lens on the camera the whole time, so there aren't any great shots of us flying from platform to platform.

Should have had the zoom lens on so you could see me upside down with my arms outstretched as I raced between platforms

Pulling myself back up in preparation for reaching the platform
We had an unexpected adventure during a hike between two of the platforms.  A black bear was grazing in the grassy field between our trail and the Olympic luge track.  We didn't have time to get the best photos, but here he is.

Well, hello, Mr. Black Bear

We thought it would be fun for him to jump on the luge track and slide down.  But he wasn't interested.
Okay, this bear isn't real.  It's just me goofing off in Whistler Village.

Once we zipped back down into the Whistler Village, we had lunch at the Splitz Grill and then dessert from Crepe Montagne.  Holy cow ... the fruit crepe with strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream was delectable!

Me and The Mr. hanging out in the Olympic Rings in Whister Village

Since our budget didn't allow for another ziplining trek (boo), we headed back down the Sea to Sky Highway toward Vancouver.  Along the way we stopped at Brandywine Falls, Shannon Falls, and a couple other viewing areas at the side of the road.  For those who aren't familiar, the Sea to Sky Highway is said to be the most scenic route in North America, rivaling the Pacific Coast Highway in California, with mountains on one side and the sea on the other.

Photo by Michael Bednar for British Columbia Magazine

If you are going to be in the Vancouver area, I highly recommend a drive up the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler, and especially a ziplining adventure with Ziptrek Ecotours!



  1. Allen wants you to know that he is amazed at your upside-down adventure! He obviously didn't think you would try it!

  2. At the Ziptrek there is a beautiful trail there about another 10 minute drive up the hill with all first growth forst. The trees around about 8 or more people to get around it. I love hiking up in squamish and whistler. I live in vancouver and love it here. You pretty much have everything glad to hear you guys had a great time = )

  3. I can't wait to experience that drive! Hopefully it's not raining! the ziplining looks so fun!


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