Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vacationing in Seattle: Views of the Space Needle and city skyline

Because it’s so hilly, Seattle has lots of great lookout spots, several of them in public parks.  The Space Needle is so iconic to Seattle that I thought it would be fun to shoot it from different perspectives around the city, and at different times of day.

Kerry Park on a sunny day:

Seattle - Kery Park 005

Seattle Center on a cloudy day:

Seattle - Space Needle 004

 Seattle - Space Needle 006

Smith Tower on a sunny day:

Seattle - day 1 090

Volunteer Park at dusk:

Seattle - day 1 171

Seattle - day 1 169 Seattle - day 1 169

Seattle - day 1 169

Seattle - day 1 173
Mount Ranier peeking out over the clouds

Gas Works Park at night:

 Seattle - Gas Works Park at night 008

Seattle - Gas Works Park at night 012

Seattle - Gas Works Park at night 018

Seattle - Gas Works Park at night 025

Believe it or not, the night shots were all taken in the pitch black at Gas Works Park, but the different camera settings created different lighting effects, which I think is pretty cool. 

In case you’re curious, the body of water in the foreground of the night photos is Lake Union.

I love to see other people’s photos taken from the same locations.  I saw a lot on TripAdvisor before we left for vacation when I was reading reviews about where we should go, but I haven’t looked back at them since we were there and took photos ourselves.  If you shot any yourself, I’d be so interested to see them!

Which one of our photos do you like best?  My favorite is the first one in the group from Gas Works Park at night.  I love the coloring, and the reflections of the city lights in the lake.


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  1. I just found your blog & your info about Seattle & Vancouver. It made me home sick. Seattle is my city and even though i don't live there any longer, It will always be HOME.

    I moved to Vermont 8 years ago to follow a dream of becoming an Innkeeper. As I now say, "be careful what you wish for It just might happen"

    I love Vermont, but in my opinion, the Pacific Northwest is "perfect"

    Thank you for sharing your pictures and thoughts on Seattle. I have to say I'm not to fond of the new sculpture in red either. I haven't been back home in 6 years, so I haven't seen it up-close & personal. The park hadn't been constructed when I lived there, but it is on my to do list when I go back for a visit.


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