Thursday, July 7, 2011

Turquoise nightstand feature at House of Hepworths

I submitted my turquoise nightstand with lucite knobs to last week's "Hooking Up with House of Hepworths" link party and was chosen as one of the featured projects this week.  How cool!  Thanks for sending some awesomeness my way, Allison!


Now hop yourself on over to this week's Hookin' Up with House of Hepworths where you can see my nightstand, along with the other featured projects and a bunch of links to this week's party.  The coolest thing about link parties is that you can see an overview of a bunch of neat projects all at once, and click on the ones you're most interested in for more details.  And if you're brave enough, you can link up your project!

I've been visiting lots of different link parties, and am still sifting through to discover which suit me the best.  For those of you who like to party (teehee), which ones do you like best?


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