Thursday, July 7, 2011

Snake on the porch

During construction of our house, there was a huge black snake that watched over the commotion from a cozy hole in an tall tree.  Our builder told me black snakes are good to have around because they eat rodents and other pests.  I was okay with the snake's presence as long as he stayed up high in that tree.  Since that summer four years ago, I haven't seen any snakes on our property ... until this evening when I opened the front door to this sight.

Eek!  Why does the first snake I've seen since our house has been built have to be right on my porch?  And why did I have to make this discovery one day after seeing this post at Hooked on Houses about a property that's infested with hundreds of snakes?

Even though I enjoy the deer, rabbits, foxes and other woodland creatures that romp on our land, I still half-deny that I live in "the country."  After all, downtown Louisville is just 10 minutes from here.  And there's a state highway that runs behind my house, with a Walgreens and many other national chain and local businesses less than two miles down the road.  But I guess there's also a deer farm around the corner and a field with hay bales closer than the Walgreens.  Wah-wah.

The snake wasn't comfortable with me inching closer and closer to him as I took photos.  At first, he slowly inched backwards.  When he felt more threatened, he did a quick recoil, which made me jump back as his body twisted into his hiding spot.  He's hanging out in the large crack caused by our porch steps falling away from the porch itself, due to settling.  I went back into the house with my camera and then went back out a few minutes later and he had popped out again.

Unfortunately I had been procrastinating about watering our potted plants today, so I had to get out there before nightfall and water the potted coleus you see in the pot at the corner of the snake photos.  Until today, I was only worried about the giant, hairy spider I had seen in that very same crack.  From now on, I'll be freaked out every time I water the plants, even thought I'm sure the snake is more scared of me than I am of him.  Yay.

And I guess we better not let our kitties explore outside for now, since they like to sniff around the porch column where Mr. Snake is currently residing.  Wah-wah for them.

  • What creatures do you encounter at your place of residence?
  • Do you have any tips for dealing with the issue of the steps and low side wall falling away from the porch?


  1. I spot snakes now and then darting underneath my front porch, but I've never had one actually come up on it like this before. Yikes. My sister-in-law just posted photos on Facebook of the snakes that crawl around in the bushes on either side of their front door. There were several snakes in each bush and now she's scared to leave her house!

  2. Oh my gosh - snakes totally freak me out! My plants would die :)

  3. Snakes scare me and thankfully I haven't seen one on our property! We're dealing with groundhogs thinking our garden is the all you can eat salad buffet lately. No fun either but even though they're bigger, they're not as creepy as snakes!

    Hope you're having a great weekend! ;)



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