Monday, July 25, 2011

Metamorphosis Monday #3

We’ve been back from our 10-day vacation for a few days and I’m still transitioning back into the real world.  For example, I’m just barely going to get this Monday post in before the clock strikes midnight!  I still have a vacation wrap-up to write and some photos to edit as well, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Let’s get down to business.  The first project that caught my eye this week is an ornate, yet simple, framed burlap corkboard.  Room to Inspire transformed a dirty gold frame into a place she can pin her own inspirations.


This next room didn’t just require a little sprucing up.  Classic Casual Home has been renovating their entire home in a classic, tailored beach cottage aesthetic, and the latest reveal is their 18-year-old son’s room.


Their entire home is impeccably done.  Hop over to Classic Casual Home to check out their other rooms by clicking the links under the “Popular Posts” header on the right sidebar.

Next up is some sewing that I think I could even handle as a novice.  How cute are these shark hooded towels created by Jenni at Kissed by a Frog for her kids’ swim meets?


These towels remind me of my favorite baby shower gift from 15 years ago.  A family member made me two hooded towels from adult size towels, plus wash cloths for the hoods.  They were so much bigger and more plush than the hooded baby towels you find at major retailers, and they lasted forever!  I’ve always wanted to make some as baby gifts but have never taken the time to figure out how to do it.  Maybe next time.  Who wants to get pregnant and invite me to the shower so I can make some towels?

Here’s another simple sewing project.  Terry at Cherished Treasures stuffed a muslin-covered pillow with the insides of an old pillow, and created a design on the front by upcycling a tattered quilt.


Natalie at Beach House in the City is is landlocked, but her heart is at the beach, just like mine.  She has created a home with the colors and breeziness of the beach, plus a dash of sparkle and glam.  She’s been working on her master bathroom for a while now and has finally revealed it to the world.


I’m a sucker for white wood and marble tops, as I shared during my last Metamorphosis Monday post.  What surprised and delighted me in Natalie’s bathroom were the green knobs from Anthropologie and the unique crystal/metal chandelier.

And now, I had to include a couple furniture transformations, since that’s my thing.  This nightstand got a faux bois update by Jessamie at Bird & Branch Redesign.  This is actually the second “after,” as she was unhappy with the bright blue color of the faux bois treatment the first time and decided to try it again with a gray color that worked better for her room.


I’m totally coveting this vintage card catalog, which was given a second life by Susan at Maple & Magnolia


Rather than painting or staining it, she just cleaned it up, sanded it down to the original wood, and then brought out the beauty of the natural grain with Howard’s Restor a Finish.  I made that sound very easy, but it was actually a lot of work. 

I don’t exactly know where I’d put a card catalog if I found one, but nevertheless I’m always on the lookout.  On a related side note, when we were vacationing in Seattle last week, we stopped by the Microsoft campus and checked out their visitor center.  They had a display showing early technologies and how Microsoft products fulfill those needs now.  Their “before” example for Bing, their search engine, was a card catalog.  The Mr. had to explain to The Teen what it was.  My how times change!

Thank you for joining me for this week’s (very late) edition of Metamorphosis Monday.  I promise for those that are featured that I will be working on a “featured at” button very soon, and will share it with you when I get it done!

Coming up:  A vacation wrap-up, the final turquoise furniture reveal for our master bedroom, and then a master bedroom “tour” with all the new pieces together, including new bedding and pillows.



  1. love the frame. what a great idea. i always have corkboards up in my office or at home, but that looks amazing... i'll have to keep a look out for a fun frame like that...

  2. This was a happy surprise to see Tommy's room featured! Thanks! That is one cool memo board! Pretty bathroom and card chest. I hope you had a wonderful time in Seattle--bet it wasn't so HOT like the rest of the US!

  3. I'm lovin your style. Thanks for your compliment on my zebra wall. It was a bold but fun move.


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