Monday, July 4, 2011

Metamorphosis Monday #1

Everyone loves a good before-and-after.  Well, as long as the after is better than the before.  Because, you know, that’s the idea.  Not like when your teenager switches bedrooms and all the stuff nobody wants to claim gets shoved in his old room.  That is not a proper before-and-after, but it did happen in our house and I’m in the process of fixing that issue.  And let’s just say that it involves more art projects and telephone cords that anyone could ever need.  But more on that in the coming days.

Anyway, as I peruse the interwebs, I come across so many inspiring decor makeovers and I thought I’d pick a few to share with you each week.  And if I don’t get around to it every week, don’t hate me.  I’m a bit lazy and have a hard time keeping to schedules.  But I’m going to try.  You might notice that most of the makeovers will involve furniture, because that’s my thing.  But I’ll throw in a few “other” re-do’s just to keep things super-exciting.  Have I drawn you in yet?  Or am I just being neurotic?

Without further ado (thankfully), here are the projects I’ve come across the past couple weeks that have floated my proverbial boat:

I’ve been crushing on mid-century modern furniture lately, and this revamp from Steph at BirdHouse is right up my alley.

Birdhouse MCM dresser before & after 070411

BirdHouse is one of my new favorite blog reads, as she has lots of projects I admire.  Next up is another mid-century modern piece, given a fun gray/white chevron pattern by Jackie at Simple Home Life.

Simple Home Life chevron MCM dresser after 070411

The way-too-cute couple Talon and Taylor (with dog Tillie) from Living In The Woods took an old claw-foot dining table and gave it a fresh new two-toned look. 

Living in the Woods - Big Green Lantern after 070411 
If bright green is not your thing, you can go with white or whatever color coordinates with your decor.  And if two-tone is not your thing, you can also paint the whole thing one solid color.  It’s a super-cheap way to update a piece that you might not think is modern enough for your tastes.

Now I know you’ve seen or owned one of these French provencial dressers.  Many girls who grew up in the ’80s had the matching bedroom suite.  Here, Debbie from reFresh reStyle brings one into the modern world.

Refresh Restyle - French provencial dresser before & after 070411

I’m not usually a fan of painted hardware, but I love how the blue wakes up the piece.  And of course I’m a sucker for anything turquoise.

If you need a break from furniture, here’s a lamp revamp (yes, I’m a poet) for you.  Ashley at A {Blonde's} DIY Life found a lamp base at Target that had the right shape and price but it wasn’t the right color, so she gave it a new look with gold leaf.  Very glam.

A Blonde's Life - glam lamp after 070411

This next transformation is courtesy of Missy from My Cottage Charm.  I actually had the chance to meet her at the Mint Julep June Jaunt a few weeks ago.  Just after I featured her DIY flameless candles, she revealed her months-long laundry room renovation, so I had to share it with you here.  It’s beautiful.

My Cottage Charm - laundry room after 070411

What laundry room wouldn't look better with a chandelier?  I'm on the lookout for one during my thrifting ventures now.

Lastly, I’m not usually into distressing or shabby chic, but the drybrush technique used by Suzie from The Accent Piece transformed a tall chest found in an old shed into a piece worthy of a little drool.

The Accent Piece - drybrushed chest of drawers after 070411

I hope you enjoyed my first Metamorphosis Monday.  Let me know if it’s something you think is worth continuing on a (hopefully) weekly basis.

And gold star to the first person who notices what’s in common between two of these pieces of furniture.  (Hint:  It’s fairly conspicuous, so no microscopes needed.  And it's not about the paint or finish.)



  1. the round, drop style handles.

    I love furniture transformations!

  2. These are all great transformations! Love the painted hardware -gives tha piece a fun new look!

  3. @Lynn Gold star for Lynn! I love those ring pulls and look forward to using them on a future project of my own.

  4. Hey Hollie! :) Thanks for featuring my laundry room, looks like I'm sharing the post with some great gals with some cool projects! Hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend!
    Missy :)

  5. Thanks Hollie! I love this series, hope you continue, it's great to see what everyones doing! Debbie

  6. Thanks for featuring my dresser! I've been looking around a bit and I love your blog! New follower!

  7. I just found that you featured my Chevron dresser! I'm so thrilled and added your button to my feature page! Thanks a bunch!


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