Friday, July 29, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

It must be awards season, because I'm a bit knocked over to receive another award this week!  This one is called the Liebster Blog award, and it's for smaller blogs that people think deserve some additional attention.  

"Smaller blogs," in this case, indicates 300 or fewer followers.  Yep, that’s me!  I’ve got 87 Google followers as of the time of this post, and have been excited to see that number grow and grow since just four months ago when I started blogging.  I have no clue how many email or reader subscribers I have because for some reason Blogger, in all its Google splendor, does not tell me that in my blog stats.  I have to go to FeedBurner, another Google product, to do this.  Sheesh.  I’m working on it.  But I digress.
Since I just presented the One Lovely Blog Award yesterday to 15 blogs, I'm going to call out from that list three of my favorite blogs that are smaller, but shouldn't be, because they're awesome.
1.  BirdHouse:  Steph has received some deserved attention lately from some "bigger" blogs because of her amazing craft room makeover, and her MCM dresser was also the first project featured when I started my Metamorphosis Monday series.
The yellow lamp and trestle desk are two other awesome DIY projects from BirdHouse

2.  Signed by Tina:  I featured some of her creative IKEA hacks a while back, and her design style continues to mesmerized me.  I had trouble picking just one photo to show you.  I don't know what Tina calls her style, but I say it's got lots of black & white glam with a  dose of rock-n-roll.  She mixes retail items with clever DIY’d projects, and it all comes together to create a totally unique space.
A view of Tina's living room.  She has amazingly impactful photography all through her house.

3.  Swoon Worthy:  The lovely Redlilocks (she has red hair, people) is a Pennsylvania girl who’s loving life in the UK.  She and her man are in the process of renovating a very old house that has lived many lives before they came along.  Like me, she can’t stand to live in a house that’s totally not her style, so they did some “good enough for now” makeovers to start with, and now they’re going back and doing the “real makeovers” a room at a time.  Her sass and sarcasm keep me reading, in addition to the renovation updates, of course.
I would never have thought to pair this sofa in front of that wallpaper, but I'm smitten.

Ladies, you each intrigue me in your own ways!  Now, please pay it forward by highlighting 3-5 other small blogs that you feel are deserving of more followers, and pass the award on to them.

Thank you so much to Kari from Newlyweds on a Budget for presenting me with the Liebster Blog award!  Kari is very crafty, and she’s busily trying to turn her married student housing apartment (read:  cinder block walls and tiny kitchen) into a home for her and her hubby on a very tight budget.

I’m off for a girls’ weekend out in the boonies with no internet service, which means I’ll be getting even more behind on my Google Reader.  It’s a scary situation.  And no more posts from me until next week.  I’m looking forward to a couple days of card games, tasty food, drinks, and girl chat.  It’s always a crazy time with this bunch, and I wouldn’t want it any other way!


  1. Yay! Congratulation, Hollie. That's awesome. Go celebrate, and have a great weekend!


  2. Thank you so much honey! I'm off to discover all the other gorgeous blogs you've showcased and have dutifully passed on the award to others. Do stop by and check them out :) xxx


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