Friday, June 17, 2011

Sneak peek Friday: Painted furniture, a funky pillow, and new blog post editor

I’m knee-deep in furniture refinishing today.  Have two coats of turquoise paint on, and will spray the third coat (after sanding, of course) as soon as I get this blog post done.  And then I just might shower.  Hey, it’s after 1pm and my 14-year-old isn’t even awake yet, so what’s the hurry?  But I digress.

Here’s a sneak peek of the console table that will be my new nightstand/writing desk very soon.

Friday 061711 003

Pardon the mess!  That’s my unofficial painting studio in the unfinished basement.  Here’s a closer-up look of the future nightstand so you can see the turquoise color.  And I put a white chair in the foreground so you can see the difference in color.

Friday 061711 006

Behind it and facing the other direction is the nightstand for The Mr.’s side of the bed.  Since they’re getting the same paint treatment, I decided to do them at the same time, which is easiest when using a paint sprayer because if you only have to thin your paint down and later clean out your sprayer once, you are a much happier furniture sprayer.

Next is a sneak peek at one of the new funky pillow that I ordered from Etsy.

Friday 061711 001

Surprisingly, The Mr. likes it (and its twin), likening it to graphics from The Matrix.  Hey, if I can get him interested in a pillow rather than annoyed by its purchase, I’m all about it.  I’ve got another colorful pillow coming (soon, I hope), so I’ll do a real pillow post once it’s here.

Lastly, I’m trying out Windows Live Writer as my blog editor today.  Blogger’s default editor is just okay and has many limitations, and I read such a glowing review about Windows Live Writer from Blogger Sentral today, so I thought I’d see what’s up.  So far, so good.  There are many more ways to customize, which I’m happy about.  Will report on it in more detail after I’ve used it a little while.

And there you go … my quickest blog post ever.  And now off to more painting.  I’m determined to have these new nightstands in my bedroom, poly’d and new hardware installed, by the start of next week.


  1. that color is fabulous! It's going to be a wonderful nightstand/writing desk. Deb

  2. Oh I love it, too!
    What a great space to do all those projects.
    And I so understand about that long list of so many things to paint.

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