Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Faux bamboo chair sneak peek, and kitty on an outdoor explore

My sweet kitty Gypsy decided to have an outdoor "explore" (as Winnie the Pooh calls it) while I was outside cleaning and sanding a faux bamboo chair that I thrifted recently.  Since she is cuter than the chair looks right now, I'll share photos of her first.

And here's a sneak peek of the chair (before photo):

You probably can't tell from the photos, but the chair was D-I-R-T-Y and the seat was covered in an awful pinkish vinyl that was nasty.  I'm not spilling where the chair is going yet.  But it is currently clean, primed and awaiting paint.  Now if I'd only get myself out of the house to purchase the paint.

Next week I should have some completed painting projects to share.

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