Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dining room update: Glass top for dining table, and a summertime table setting

We love our reclaimed wood industrial dining table, but were afraid that certain guests who are prone to spilling might have a mishap that would stain the wood.  Even for everyday use, it’s a bit tricky to wipe off, especially since the wood is unfinished.  I’ve even been known to use our hand-held vacuum to clean up crumbs out of the crevices!  To make cleanup easier while still allowing us to show off the wood, we opted to have a piece of glass custom made to fit our table top.

The glass company delivered it a couple weeks ago but the finisher had misread the job ticket and cut the length to 71-1/8 instead of 71-7/8.  Lucky for me it was their mistake and not mine, so they reluctantly took the too-short piece back and cut me a new one. It arrived just in time for our monthly family poker game, to protect the table from one of those guests who is prone to spilling.

Glass top for industrial reclaimed wood dining table 1
Glass top for industrial reclaimed wood dining table 2 
Since I was taking photos of the table with the new glass top, I thought I’d branch out and assemble a simple summertime table setting.  I liked it so much that I left it up for The Mr. to see after work (he was impressed) and for the extended family to see on poker night.  (They decided it was a bit too fancy for them.  They’re more into paper and plastic for poker night dinners.)
Dining room table with glass 010 Dining room table with glass 006  Dining room table with glass 009 Dining room table with glass 015         
This was the first time I have cut flowers from my own yard to use in the house.  The hydrangeas had just started to blossom and it pained me a little to cut off a few of the new blooms, but they were too pretty to resist.  Since this photo shoot, the same hydrangea cuttings have made their way into our bedroom and master bathroom.  I guess I should treat myself to cut flowers more often!

Back to the glass table top.  I was a bit unsure about it at first because it does create a shiny finish, versus the rough wood texture that we had been used to.  But I do like how it bounces the light around from the set of windows next to the table.  And it certainly worked well for poker night, to guard against spills and to create a smooth surface for card dealing and money raking.  My goofy uncles were afraid they were going to hurt the glass as they tossed coins into the pot, but everyone and everything came away unscathed.  If the glass top can survive poker night with these yo-yos, surely it can survive anything.  These folks may look pretty friendly in this photo, but don’t be fooled.

Poker night 62511 007

  • Have you add something to a favorite piece to make it more family-friendly?
  • Do you fear for your furnishings when guests come over?
  • Are there as many yo-yos in your family as in mine?  If so, I feel your pain.  ;)
  • Do you enjoy smacking back your uncle’s hand as you rake in the large pot of money that he thought he was going to win?  I do!
  • Have you ever played Four Barrel, Guts or Rainy Day Baseball?  If so, you MUST tell me.


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  1. Nice! It's always worth a little pain to bring beautiful Hydrangeas in the house where we can enjoy so much more!

  2. Makes sense and really adds something to the rustic feel of the table. I like it.

  3. Gorgeous table and the glass adds so much depth to it! Your photos are incredible too. :-) I'm new to your blog and just love it!

  4. looks great! love your table setting, lovely! susan

  5. So simple and pretty! I absolutely love it.

  6. What a pretty table! I love old wood. We did glass on our reclaimed table too for protection.

    Have a great day!

  7. Hi Hollie, i love what you have done with your table. the hydrangers look divine.

    Your family poker nights look great fun,. I would love to come and join you, but it's a bloody long way from New Zealand (not to mention I haven't a clue how to play).

    I have just discovered your blog and i am going to become a follower. please feel free to come and check me out to.


  8. Nice ! Could you tell me the dimensions of the glass top and the thickness in millimetres(mm)

    1. The glass top is 36 inches by 72 inches, custom-fit for my table top. I'll let you do the conversion if you need it. The thickness is .25 inches, which is about 5 mm. It also has a polished edge.

  9. Congratulations! Just had ours delivered this morning. It definitely adds both protection and elegance yet keeping the integrity of the table.

  10. We are buying the same table--we are curious: how much did the custom glass cost?

    1. I can't find the invoice, but I'm thinking it was $200-something. I'm still very happy with our decision to put the glass on top. I have scratched the glass by setting things on it and moving them around, like a box with schmutz on the bottom. Oops. But still worth the extra cost.


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