Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crushing on colorful pillows

I have been pillow-obsessed for the past few months.  At least once a week, and sometimes several times a day, I can be found sifting through pillows online.

I'm in the midst of making over our living room, and I desperately need some pillows to brighten up the space and to pull together the colors I want to feature.  I am SO over the pillows we've been using for the past while, the ubiquitous Crewel Circle Toss Pillow from Target.  Meh.  It's a cute pillow, but my attention span for accessories is a little lacking.  And I'm dying for some brighter colors, rather than the beachy palette we've had for three years.
My poor unloved pillows

Pillows can be soooo expensive.  Especially the ones I seem to gravitate to.  Go figure.  A few months ago, singer Joel Madden tweeted his frustrations at his wife, Nicole Ritchie, for purchasing $3,000 worth of pillows.  He said he was going to replace them with some from Target instead.  At first I was all, "Go, Joel!"  And then I was jealous that I couldn't afford to drop a few thou on pillow perfection.  Alas.  (Too bad Nicole didn't tweet photos of the pillows in question. I would have liked to see what they looked like!)

I'm pretty sure I've pored over just about every pillow on the internet, from well-known retailers like West Elm and Pottery Barn, to Amazon, and the zillions of cute (and many very un-cute) handmade pillows on Etsy.  I'm having a hard time finding that perfect combination of the graphic pattern that I want, with a little bit of sophistication, plus the right colors (turquoise, coral, gray, yellow, black, and white, or some combination thereof, if you're curious), and the right price.

Here are some colorful pillows that have caught my eye in the past few months on Etsy, where you can find reasonable prices and lots of creativity:

Top row:
Pale Aqua Jellyfish Pillow
Diagram Pillows by Dirtsa Studio
Map Cushion Covers by My Bearded Pigeon
Middle row:
Geometric Jacquard Pillows by Kyoozi (similar to Jonathan Adler's Bargello Chevron Pillow)
Cushion Cover in Vivid Multi-Colored Squares
Indoor-Outdoor Pillow Cover in Trina Turk's Sonriza  Fabric

Bottom row:
ATOM Silver on Blue Linen Pillow Cover
Velvet Allium Cushion
Letter Pillows by Dirtsa Studio
Bright Fun Zipper Pillow Cover

I may end of purchasing one or more of those pillows at some point, but none of them are calling out to me today as must-have's.  These, on the other hand, ARE.

Fine Little Day's Splash Pillow (as seen all over Pinterest)

Tiled Pillow Covers by Blue Door Style on Etsy

Long story, but I'm blogging from my laptop at a conference table in The Mr.'s office at work right now.  I'm supposed to be researching our summer vacation but I'm pillow shopping instead.  Oops ... that crazy procrastination popping up again.  Since the back of my laptop is facing him and he's sitting across the room, he has no idea what I'm doing on the other side, such as purchasing the two pillows pictured above.  Heehee.  We'll see if I can keep it a secret until the pillows come in the mail and I stage them in the living room while he's at work.  And then he'll come home and freak out and shout something like, "Where the heck did those come from?  I thought you weren't supposed to be buying things!"  I love his shock and awe reactions.  But I doubt I can keep my mouth shut that long.  I'm too excited about new pillows.  Or he might read this blog post.  (If so, I love you, honey!  I hope you like these!)

Either way, it looks like some pops of color are coming to my living room very soon.  Guess I better get a move on with the remaining living room updates.  But I'm supposed to plan our summer vacation first, so I guess I'll have to stop procrastinating about that first.  Sheesh ... so much to do, so little procrastination time.

What about you?  Do you have a pillow crush?  Do you have some decor that you're dying to change but haven't pulled the trigger yet?  Do you like to leave your spouse in a state of shock and awe?  Fess up.

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  1. I'm still looking for the perfect pillows too. I would like an ikat pillow in gray, black & turquoise. Will you find me one?


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