Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fun finds: TJ Maxx

Thought I'd share with you a few great finds I spotted at TJ Maxx last week.

First, I spotted these lamps, which would be a great addition to a coastal decor scheme.  They have a weathered look, without screaming "I'm from the beach!"  The first one is $39.99 and the second is $49.99.  I really struggled not to buy the bigger one for my bedroom.  I've been obsessed with lamps lately.

Editor's Note:  Nate Berkus recommended the lamp above during his visit to HomeGoods on the episode aired 5/5/11!

This shelf table for $149.99 could work in a living room, or even as a bedside table.  I would buy it for myself as a nightstand, but I really want drawers to hide my stuff.

This $7.99 photo frame is a bold shade of green, but could easily be spray-painted in a different color if green isn't your bag.  For me, it would be turquoise.

These shirred pillows are really cute, especially at only $16.99 each.

I like this bench for extra seating in a living room, maybe even under a low window.  Or it could work as a convenient shoe-putting-on spot if you place it at the end of a bed.  At $79.99, it's not a steal, but still not a horribly bad price.

Lastly, this quilt has muted colors (gray and cream) that are so simple and chic.  At only $39.99 for a full/queen, it's a bargain.  If they had a king-size, I would have been all over it.

I'm so glad we have a TJ Maxx near me now, and I still need to get out to the new HomeGoods that just opened this week!  Have you scored anything great at either of those places?


  1. I went to the new HomeGoods on Sunday. It was great! I got some zebra outdoor pillows. I definitely want to go back.

  2. So you are still loving your animal prints, huh? I think of you every time I see one!


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