Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fun finds: HomeGoods

This week I finally made it over to the brand new HomeGoods in our area, three weeks after the grand opening. I had been dying to get there, but it's not exactly on my regular route, and I just hadn't made the special trip.  There was a HomeGoods store in Cincinnati near where I went to college (Xavier University, if you're curious), but it took almost 20 years to get one here.  For a mid-size city, Louisville seems to be the last to get decent national chain stores.  Should I start a petition for Anthropologie and West Elm?  (Side note:  I am now feeling old.)

Capiz shell round mirror - $49.99
Faux bamboo gold tray tables - $49.99 each
Coral sculptures ... my kryptonite - $29.99

I am stoked about having a HomeGoods near me.  It's a home decor bargain shopper's dream. The only way I could be happier is if it just down the road. But The Mr., as well as our bank account, is lucky that it's a little farther away and not somewhere I pass by without making an intentional stop.

Striped bathroom rug in spa-like colors - $12.99
Cute little saucers and plates - $3.99 and $4.99, respectively
Silver cup that's intended as a bathroom accessory, but would make a great vase for a small flower arrangement, or could be used as a chic pencil cup on a desk - $2.99

Speaking of The Mr., here's his comment to me a couple nights ago: "Our credit card is cutting some time later this week, so if you have any returns, you might want to do them early this week because they might take a couple days to post."  He says this because he knows I always have a plethora of items I bought as a maybe or a I-think-this-will-work-but-need-to-see-it-in-the-space or a just-in-case-I-need-it-for-a-particular-project-because-I-hate-to-stop-in-the-middle-and-buy-more-supplies. Who, me?  Perhaps he knows me VERY well.

Capiz bathroom accessories including this box, which could be used in any room of the house - $14.99
Cheerful pair of modern floral paintings - $49.99
2-Drawer Console - $139.99 (?)

So yesterday morning I rounded up all my returns and the corresponding receipts. There might have been several items that have been sitting around here for several months that either no longer have a receipt or would not be accepted anyway with the receipt because the 30-day or 90-day time limit is up. No worries -- these aren't large items, just small ones like 3M hanging hooks or a duo of eye shadows that I bought when I discovered my favorite color duo is not made any longer. But I digress.
Lots of classic white serving pieces
Reminds me of my sweet Aunt Rhea, in saying and style - $9.99
Lamp with coral motif - $49.99

I planned out my route to do all my returns plus get to the grocery so that I could be home in time to make a nice dinner. It was the perfect excuse to meander over to HomeGoods, seeing as though I'd be half-way there anyway. Of course, I could already predict what The Mr.'s reaction would be if I came home with purchases for the day, instead of just return receipts. I considered putting off the venture until later this week, after the credit card cuts. But I just couldn't help myself. It had already been three weeks since the grand opening and I couldn't hold out any longer.

Jute/sisal (?) framed art - $39.99
Two silver sculptures that reminded me of life at the bottom of the ocean
Tablecloth with classic, yet modern, design - $16.99

So I went. And I was in my happy place. And I might have had a cart so overflowing with framed artwork that I had to peek around said artwork as I was going down aisles and around corners, to make sure I didn't run into anyone/thing. There were so many more things I wanted to buy, but I had to restrain myself and tell myself that when I came back to return something (which I inevitably will do, per my comments above), I could buy something else. And of course I'll be back again after that!

Sailboat painting with colors that I LOVE - $59.99 (first thing in my cart)

There are 4 different versions of this, all of which I picked up for my mom - $12.99 each
Lamp with bluish stripes, that had a subtle coastal feel - $59.99 (I bought this but decided out of spending remorse to return it

I came home with 12 items from my HomeGoods expedition.  Four of them are for my mom.  Surprisingly The Mr. did not freak out about the rest.  I'm pretty sure he has not added up everything yet (either number of items or total cost).  And, as expected, I already have a HomeGoods return pile.  Guess I better take those back ASAP ... before the credit card cuts, ya know?

If you live in the Louisville metro, have you been to the new HomeGoods yet?  If you live outside the area, is there a HomeGoods near you? Oh, and would you sign my petition for an Anthropologie and West Elm in Louisville?  (haha)

Oh, and if you are a HomeGoods shopper, what has been your favorite find there?


  1. Too funny - I went there on Sunday and the first 2 items on your list were actually something I had pondered purchasing. I also always have returns in my car because my theory is I can always return something which is better than wanting it later & them not having it. Are you sure we aren't related somehow?

  2. Hollie i went right over there on my lunch time today and bought the "kindness" plaque ... thanks for the preview ... loving your blog. ~Jane

  3. @SabrinaExactly -- you wouldn't want the item to be gone later, so you buy it right now just in case. We must be shopping sisters.

  4. @8a661468-5c72-11e0-bda6-000bcdca4d7a I can't believe you went right out and bought that! It must go with the decor in your current house? I wouldn't know because I've never been there. (Hint, hint. ;)

  5. I just went to a HomeGoods store last month and fell in love! After looking at your post I think it's about time I went back again. :) I just started a blog this week and I'd love to do a HomeGoods Finds Post like yours if you don't mind? I can share with you any great finds.

    Thanks for Sharing,


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