Monday, May 30, 2011

Fun finds: Eduardo Garza on Gilt Groupe

Today's fun finds are from Gilt Groupe, one of the many flash sale sites out there on the web.  (More on those at the end of the post.)  One of the today's featured Gilt sales is from artist Eduardo Garza.  He takes natural items and maxes them very luxe!

Giant Cup Coral on 23 Karat Gold - Reg. $2,900, Gilt Price $1,740

Yeah, that's not $29.00 and $17.40.  That's $2,900 and $1,740!  I've got a couple pieces on order, but I couldn't afford any more than that.  Just kidding.  (I mean about having a couple on order, not about "I couldn't afford any more than that.")

Garza has been recognized in many shelter magazines like Elle Decor, House Beautiful and Vogue Living.  After all, most shelter mags are not necessarily meant to provide all of us with lists of products we could run out and purchase for our own homes, but to inspire us with elegant spaces infused with alluring elements.

Garza usually sells exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman and on his website, but today a select few of his products are featured by Gilt Groupe for 60% off.  What a sale!  (I'm being facetious, because 60% off really is a great deal, but there still aren't many of us who can afford to spend that much on a home accessory.)

Blue Coral on 24 Karat Gold - Reg. $1,600, Gilt Price $960
Coral Sculpture - Reg. $1,100, Gilt Price $640
Amethyst Ring and White Gold Leaf Mounted on Hand Made White Gold Gilt Base - $2,400

Rose Quartz Bookends on Hand Made 24kt Gilt Base - $2,400

Large Malachite Drawer Pull Dipped in 24kt Gold or Nickel - $875

Eduardo's pieces are are unattainable by 99% of the population, but it's marvelous to be inspired by magnificence nonetheless!  I've always been a fan of coral, geodes and other natural objects, so I'm drooling right now.  Alas, I'll have to live with my "normal people" coral purchased from shops like Z Gallerie, Home Goods, Pottery Barn and Kohl's instead.  But mine's not sitting on a base of 24 Karat gold.  How embarrasing.  ;)

By the way, if you're interested in checking out Gilt Groupe, they have designer home decor items for up to 70% off.  Some of it is still tres-expensivo, like the accessories above, but sometimes you can find a great deal on something you need or want!  Gilt has everything from clothing to shoes to rugs to cookware to artwork to vacation deals.  Most merchandise is new, but sometimes they have vintage or antique pieces as well.  Gilt sends you an email each day listing what the sale categories are for the day, and the daily sales start at 12pm EST.  Quantities are limited, so the most popular and/or best priced stuff goes very quickly.  To sign up, use this link. 

There are a bunch of other daily flash sale sites too.  Some focus on clothes and wearable items exclusively or home furnishings exclusively, and some have a mix of both, and even throw in pet accessories or edible treats.  Here are links to invites for each site that I use:
The Foundary - mostly home items
One Kings Lane - mostly home items
Ideeli - mostly clothing, shoes and accessories
Rue La La - mostly clothing, shoes and accessories
Joss & Main - mix of everything
Haute Look - mix of everything

Please let me know if you sign up for any of these, and especially if you end up buying something!  I'd love to know about a great deal!  (By the way, I'll get a credit if you purchase an item from some of the sites, but that's not why I'm sharing the invites.  I was happy to hear about them from another blog a few months ago, and I want to share the wealth with you!)


  1. I love looking at all the goodies on Gilt Groupe!

  2. @Jessica Wilson Even George Stephanopoulos said on GMA recently that his wife (actress Ali Wentworth) shops on Gilt!

  3. I did a DIY for them today actually


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